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  1. dav

    Thanks blushirts..

    These are the shameful images of homeless children forced to queue at a roadside for food.

    Failed and forgotten by Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy, a mum-of-three eats a hot meal from a soup kitchen on a Dublin street as her kids, aged three-six, sit on the footpath.

    Volunteers revealed last night that van loads of grub to feed those without permanent accommodation are running out in an hour amid a 35% surge in demand.

    Tony Walsh of Feed Our Homeless said: “I’m calling on Minister Murphy to step down because he’s failed in his role. It’s a crying shame to see 4,000 children homeless and over 10,000 overall without a home.

    “It’s shocking, it’s shameful and it’s disgraceful.”

    1. GiggidyGoo

      These FGers have no shame. All made in the image of Noonan. Posh Boys. Boys letting on to do men’s jobs. And not shy about insurance claims either.
      Murphy and Harris should be for the high jump. Varadkar has been an abject failure in everything he’s done if seems. Not a stayer. A coward. Coveney has shown him up big time.

  2. eoin

    Mali, 95 killed and 30 missing in one single incident yesterday.


    Shady junior minister Paul Kehoe wants to send even more Irish soldiers to this war-torn Irish country.

    Ireland has no business at all in the country. Although it’s a UN mission, it’s just an abuse of the UN peacekeeping rules. The African Union should take the lead role in helping sort out what is a multi faceted war.

    1. ReproBertie

      “Ireland has no business at all in the country. Although it’s a UN mission, it’s just an abuse of the UN peacekeeping rules.”

      In your opinion.

  3. eoin

    “psychic has been convicted of theft and fraud offences of sums totalling more than €1.6 million.”

    He didn’t see that coming!

      1. eoin

        I think the problem Vanessa is, when you build up permanent increases in your spending on the assumption that exceptional income will continue. And also, the country still has a deficit.

        1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

          But isn’t that what levies are for

          Messing aside
          The spending machine that is this State
          And all its Connections, quangos, semis, departments, institutions, regulators, councils and whatever yer having yerselves

          Did not happen overnight
          There’s decades of poor decisions
          Jobs for the boys
          Policy by Committee
          Lazy politics and grubby Paddy self interest and the ever reliable greed
          Throwing money at problems didn’t just happen with Tribunals and Non- Disclosure Agreements

          It’s embedded into every pore

          Why da’ púc do you think the Religious squeezed every shilling they could out’ve the State
          And still know they could get a soft deal from Woods & Co
          And still get out of that too
          And sealed till we’re all long gone

          This culture is not a young wan
          All the Blue Shirt austerity
          Post Bertie/ Cowen/ eFFing Hell
          Was no different to the scraping of crusty barnacles and gelatinous seaweed off a manky ship’s hull
          Before they all climbed back on board and set sail again

          1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            Ha. Just read that back and see that the line
            It’s embedded into every pore

            Should really read
            It’s embedded into every pore
            and every timber seeped in it

            Given the nautical reference at the end like

            Have a good day everyone
            Lovely day here in sunny South Central

  4. eoin

    Will Simon Harris or Leo Varadkar last the day?

    Report to reveal that the HSE contracted US laboratories to check cervical smears for evidence of cancer, and the labs were contractually allowed to outsource the work to tiny 2-person labs across the US.

    Maybe the former head of the HSE, Tony O’Brien will address this in his reputation-laundering column in the SBP next Sunday.

    But the political buck stops with the health minister, currently Simon, formerly Leo.

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      C’mere E
      I reckon we’ll see a general before we see a Leadership challenge
      I don’t even see a reshuffle
      I’d bet that trip to the Ivy we promised ourselves
      That Leo will let the voters decide what to do with your namesake Murphy
      Rather than step in and admit to his poor judgement by leaving the silly sod in Environment all this time

      Cocky boys are usually cowardly boys
      But it’s Leo’s vanity
      Not his lack of Leadership abilities
      That’ll be the end of him

      And I reckon his going away present will be just down the road from him n’ all

    1. bisted

      …hah…just listened to the sister of Boris Johnston who stood for Remain party in UK in MEP elections…now this…love the sound of sinking ships in the morning…

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