‘Maybe The Message I Have Is Not The Change People Want’


John Leahy, former leader of Renua

“The background is that I was a manager over a team that prepared 3 years to for an election and we got nobody elected.

“Do I spend another two or three years at? I haven’t made an impression in three years. Maybe the message I have is not the change that people want,” Mr Leahy said.

He informed a meeting of the party’s executive last night that he intends to return to the independent ranks of Offaly County Council. He has already struck a deal to support Fianna Fáil in his local authority and will be Leas Cathaoirleach for the next 12 months.

‘I haven’t made an impression in three years’ – John Leahy stepping down as Renua leader (Independent.ie, Kevin Doyle)


16 thoughts on “‘Maybe The Message I Have Is Not The Change People Want’

  1. eoin


    Oh, right, the political party to which we still give €250,000 a year because they got more than 2% in the 2016 general election. They’ve got more than €800,000 of our money in 3.5 years. Money well spent?

    1. Rob_G

      Perhaps we should only give funding to FG and FF, and tell the smaller parties to go and whistle(?)

  2. Leopold Gloom

    Manger –

    a box or trough in a stable or barn from which horses or cattle eat

    That’s where he was going wrong. If only he were a manager

    1. George

      3 years ago.

      This party should disband. Join Aontú or something lads, it is getting pathetic.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Does deal with the other trough-snorters FF. Nothing like the smell of fresh talcum powder off the seats of the Clown and Leas Clown

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      Ah now TBF
      He’d be well got locally
      He’s a well established GAA coach
      And afaik an Offaly CLG employee – Development Officer
      And a nonstop volunteer

      Last year
      When BS.tv were putting together the Late Late 8th Debate special
      I spoke to him
      And I found him decent and sincere
      And not in anyway affected or obnoxious (unlike the party founder(s))
      He was genuinely likeable

      As he himself couldn’t participate in that broadcast due to being a registered party, and obliged by the set moratorium
      He went out of his way, and at very short notice, to source another Pro- Life voice (Kate Bopp as it happened.)

      He also volunteered to appear on any other show, without conditions, even if it was just to talk Championship Hurling
      And given last year’s incredible Munster Championship, and the All Ireland win for Limerick it’s kinda a pity it never happened
      Even the Rural Broadband – big business politics v rural needs and sustainability from a Grass Roots level

      But shur’
      As all the kids are all sayin’ now
      It is what it is

      I genuinely wish him well
      And hope he stays in local politics

  4. A Person

    3 typos in 3 paragraphs. Maybe we should be spending more money on editors rather than failed political parties.

  5. Kolmo

    I’m surprised they didn’t get more votes, they are a party of vaguely right-wing corporatist, deregulation-fan careerist spoofers who dislike society, the common good or even the voter, that cv has never stopped a depressing chunk of the Irish voters from electing that sort..

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