30 thoughts on “A Show Of Diversity

  1. Told Ya

    This anti-Irish racism is becoming quite a regular theme on Broadsheet.

    Who’s setting this editorial agenda? Own up.

    1. Zaccone

      Ireland was 95% white in the last census. And most of the minorities are in Cork/Galway/Dublin, not places like Drogheda. If there were non white people in the 20 odd Gardai above it would be unrepresentative of the actual diversity levels of the area, if anything.

      Could do with a few more women, though, to be fair.

  2. missred

    I saw male & female gardai monitoring the platforms at Connolly Station the other week and I was astounded at how young they looked. Like they were on transition year work experience or something

    1. Brother Barnabas

      my nan thinks traffic wardens, ticket inspectors, postmen etc are all guards as well

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        It’s DROGHEDA! Of course they’re all white. DROGHEDA.
        No offence, obvs.

    2. eoin

      “monitoring platforms” sounds like Ted telling Dougal his job is to mind the corner flag.

      1. missred

        It was more like hovering while on training, to be fair they were not throwing their weight around. Still a weird sight.
        When I was in fourth year myself, many moons ago, there was a fancy dress party and one fella from school dressed in his dad’s actual garda uniform, baton and all (technically a criminal offence to impersonate one). On his way home he stopped cars, can still in hand, and quizzed them about their tax etc. They complied, despite him clearly being a kid. So actually this post makes a lot of sense

  3. eoin

    Great, exactly what Ireland’s Juarez needs, a bunch of fresh-faced newbies straight outta Templemore who are probably still working out how to wipe their asses. Meanwhile in Drogheda, €100,000 a week distributed by the two local gangs, no major drugs bust since last August, the only weaponry recovered was found on a public greenway, no arrests for gang-activity (plenty of parking tickets and tax on motor vehicles and an attempt to burn a car though), no CAB seizures since the the warfare broke out on the streets last November, no convictions, a certain beauty business moneylaundering the proceeds from the drug dealing like there’s no tomorrow. There are weekly fire bombings.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      One could say ‘fresh-faced newbies’ or one could say eager new recruits with energy and enthusiasm, looking to implement modern, efficient, safe policing methods in 21st century Ireland.

      Bent coppers are more of the vintage stock don’t you agree?

      1. Ian-O

        No, not at all. Doesn’t take long for them to have to assume their predecessors habits and I have that straight from a relative who is a new member.

        You either adopt the particular peccadilloes of the existing members you work with or you are ostracised.

        That member has only been there just over a year and has already made plans to get out as he is disgusted with what he is seeing and knows the dangers of opening his mouth.

        Maurice McCabe may not have even existed and thanks to the late-in-the-day efforts by RTE etc. we are now expected to think its all rosy now?

    2. Brother Barnabas

      a photograph of new recruits are all “fresh-faced newbies straight outta templemore”

      how could that even happen?!

      1. eoin

        Right back at you

        “16 people were arrested over outstanding warrants and two on suspicion of the commission of criminal acts within the district in recent weeks.

        A 23-year-old man has since been charged and released on bail.

        As part of the same day of action, the Road Policing Unit seized a total of seven vehicles and issued 38 on-the-spot penalty notices for various road traffic offences.”

      1. eoin

        (a) They’re tiny seizures compared to the weekly turnover, ergo the “major” qualifier above.

        (b) Not clear at all the arrests were for gang activity, and where a description of grounds for arrest or charge are given, it’s minor (outstanding warrants for example).

  4. Nialler

    There was plenty of race, colour, creed and heights surprisingly at last friday’s graduation, good day and good luck to all the new recruits all over the country.

  5. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    Diversity only refers to skin tone?

    ‘sum’ting new every day

    Good luck t’ them all
    Don’t know what anyone is cribbing about
    They all look fit and able t’ me
    Well able to run down some gurriers
    Not like some of the lads you’d see at barriers around Thurles on Match day
    Or down there wandering around Doonbeg last week
    Or loitering under the M8’s overpasses with a hairdryer cocked

  6. A Person

    Last time I checked Ireland is still predominantly white. Anyone can apply for the Guards regardless of colour or creed (although, why would you given the level of spleen on the street and online). Should we have a quota system based on colour? But shure, you brave, “right on” keyboard warriors will attack anyone.

  7. shayna

    Funnily, kinda the wrong word there – coincidentally, perhaps – George Hamilton, the Chief Constable of the PSNI appealed for more Catholics to join up – the ratio is way below The Patton Report recommendation of a police force of 50/50 Catholic/Protestants under TGFA. I see a few cops around Belfast with ‘Game of Thrones’
    type beards – is that diversity in The North? Dundalk, Drogheda are not towns that fit into the road map from the North because of the M1 – en route to Dublin that is, unless you want to visit?

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