Free Bloomsday?


This Sunday.

Phibsboro Library, Blacquiere Bridge, North Circular Road, Phibsboro, Dublin 7.

The first Bloomsday in Phibsborough, a neighbourhood steeped in Joycean connections.

Organised by journalist and local resident Eamon Delaney and hosted by Phibsboro Tidy Towns.

With readings, music, dance and snacks – and a climate change angle.

Long overdue, in fairness.

Bloomsday in Phibsboro – A sustainable CIty for Joyce & Us

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10 thoughts on “Free Bloomsday?

  1. Slightly Bemused

    I finally read the book after many attempts. I truly do not see the attraction in commemorating one of the English languages most torturous texts, which effectively tells no story.

    Put simply: Why?

    1. postmanpat

      Pretentiousness. Joycean scholars are painful ee-jits. What’s the book about anyway? I heard its about some guy wandering about and trying to get rode and name drops of places in Dublin because reasons…

      1. bisted

        …Ulysses has consistently been rated as the greatest piece of literature ever written in any language…mostly by people who have read it…

          1. bisted

            …easily the best book I’ve ever read and I agree with the scholars who deem it to be the best book ever written…

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