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Joyceans assemble.

Jennifer O’Brien writes:

This year marks 100 years since the publication of James Joyce’s peerless modernist classic, Ulysses, and RTÉ will celebrate Bloomsday, June 16th, with a series of broadcasts, articles, and archive clips to mark the occasion, brought to you by RTÉ Drama on One.

The 1982 RTÉ complete dramatisation of Ulysses will be broadcast (for the third successive year) on June 16th and 17th on RTÉ Radio 1 Extra, followed by the first streamed broadcast of all 15 stories from Dubliners, and Joyce’s only extant play Exiles.

A dedicated section (at link below) includes the podcasts of the unabridged RTÉ Players production of Ulysses, as well as the companion series, Reading Ulysses, the new RTÉ documentary 100 Years Of Ulysses, and the Walking Out audio series featuring Irish writers on Joyce’s masterpiece. It also features numerous long reads exploring various aspects of Joyce’s work, alongside a collection of clips from RTÉ Archives.

Ulysses at 100 (RTE)

This afternoon.

Duke Street, Dublin 2.

Actor Dermod Lynskey, performing in costume as James Joyce, for Bloomsday at the pub where in Ulysses Leopold Bloom orders a lunch consisting of a gorgonzola cheese sandwich and a glass of Burgundy.


This afternoon.

Duke Street, Dublin 2.

Sauvignon Blanc writes:

Jimmy and Christine who are regulars at this James Joyce event…

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Staying in June 16?

Bloomsday celebrations  on RTÉ.

Joseph Hoban writes:

Starring Killian Scott, RTÉ will air the world premiere of US vs Ulysses by Colin Murphy – the compelling dramatization of the 1933 court case that resulted in the “un-banning” of Ulyssess in the USA. The premiere is presented in partnership with the James Joyce Centre.

Meanwhile, RTE/Ulysses will feature a range of additional content, including the complete RTÉ production – all 15 stories – of Dubliners, along with Joyce’s only play, Exiles. The website features 20 ‘explainer’ programmes, ‘Reading Ulysses‘, hosted by Gerry O Flaherty and Fritz Senn, as well as the Joycesongs series (music from the book performed by the RTÉ Concert Orchestra), and other audio and visual archive material.

RTÉ will also re-air the almost 30-hour production of James Joyce’s Ulysses worldwide on RTÉ Radio 1 Extra. The full dramatised production – originally broadcast in 1982 to celebrate the centenary of Joyce, and totalling 29 hours and 45 minutes in duration – will begin at the same time as both Stephen Dedalus’ and Leopold Bloom’s journey through Dublin begins in the book: 8am on 16 June. Audiences can listen live on RTÉ Radio 1 Extra, or via podcast at link below…

Ulysses (RTE)


This morning/afternoon.

Lincoln Place, Dublin 2.

Joyce fans in period costume, some masked, celebrate Bloomsday at Ulysses-featuring Sweny’s Pharmacy.

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Leah Farrell/RollingNews


This morning.

Forty Foot, Sandycove, County Dublin.

Niall Burgess, Secretary General at the Department of Foreign Affairs, begins Bloomsday in scrotum-tightening manner.

In fairness.


Rob Cross writes:

My restored and colourised photo taken on June 16 1954, the first Bloomsday,  featuring poets Patrick Kavanagh & Anthony Cronin at the church – and Goggin’s pub – in Monkstown [County Dublin] with the carriage in which they’d been traveling about Dublin in the footsteps of Leopold Bloom, the main protagonist in James Joyce’s novel Ulysses.

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From top: The first Bloomsday, 1954, from left: John Ryan, Anthony Cronin, Flann O’Brien, Patrick Kavanagh and Tom Joyce; Patrick Kavanagh and John Ryan with the door of No. 7 Eccles Street,  Bloomsday, 1967.

For the day that’s in it.

As Father’s Day falls on June 16, I would like to take this rare opportunity to acknowledge my late dad John Ryan (beloved of Deirdre) painter, writer, editor and one-man Arts Council to impoverished genius and chancer alike.

Happy Bloomsday.

The First Bloomsday

Pics: National Library of Ireland/Leslie Mallory