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The seat in the SG, the most common model across the Dublin Bus fleet of 1,014 buses

Ten recent drivers’ signing-off sheets, nine from between February to June 2019 and one with an unclear date, mention complaints with seats, and the cushion in particular.

These sheets are filled in when a bus driver reports a problem with a bus and are given to the depot inspector or relief driver.

“Foam failed in drivers’ seat,” says one.

Bottom of seat unwinding,” says another.

“No support on left hand side of seat,” says a third.

The majority say the left side of their seat cushion has worn down. “Drivers’ seat very hard to sit on,” says one. “Leg getting painful in back.

The seat problem doesn’t seem consigned to one model of bus. The signing-off dockets, show drivers were steering a few different models: SG, GT, and EV.

Some Dublin Bus Drivers Say Their Seats Are Making It Painful to Work (Aura McMenamin, The Dublin Inquirer)

Pic: The Dublin Inquirer

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12 thoughts on “Good. Then We’ll Begin

  1. Paulus

    It seems there’s a complaint with the seat
    on the bulk of the Dublin-Bus fleet
    Which the drivers now find
    impacts-on their behind
    So for compo they’ll surely entreat?

  2. George

    Looks like the side isn’t lined up well with the steering wheel which would force the driver to lean left and wear out the left side of the seat.

      1. kellMA

        In fairness, it does look like it is not aligned with the steering wheel which seems like a HUGE design flaw to me.

  3. Joe

    seat isn’t centered with wheel that just annoys me, the seat looks just a tad better then one on an old Massey tractor.

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