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  1. phil

    Seems Leo does not like Deputy Gino , and for those political reasons , children must suffer …

    1. Johnny Green

      I did also reach out to Stephen Donnelly (FF),still waiting for a response,but unlikely the answer would be any different.
      Louise O’Reilly (SF) engaged and has agreed to a interview or response to questions for Broadsheet-which I will post.

    2. phillip

      The problem is the dope heads think that medicinal cannabis will pave the way to legal highs
      We cannot allow this
      So only medicinal cannabis minus the THC property
      Then the likes of Gino can puff away and get not one bit of a high
      We have enough problems with alcohol and the dope sold these days is a far cry from the hippy days
      Reports of psychotic incidents among the smokers of the new weed that has been engendered to create potent highs is pretty disturbing and a proper debate is needed
      Until then we cannot permit legalizing cannabis until this has been looked at and properly debated

  2. eoin

    Saw that. Couldn’t have been more dismissive of a considerate question reasonably expounded over two minutes. Maybe Leo was tired.

    1. Johnny Green

      Hi Eoin,I also reached out to Simon Harris,to locate the import license that was granted.In America the scariest words to hear are ‘stop resisiting’,to a FG minister its appears to be transparency and accountability:)
      I don’t think the lic is a smoking gun, just that it should be in the public domain like in all other juristictions.

      BBC yesterday on Mums smuggling medical marijuana.
      Can cannabis treatments save my child?

      1. eoin

        Yeah Johnny, it’s pretty scummy to contract a Danish company to provide medicinal cannabis, and even grant 16 licences to individuals and not provide them with a means to access the medicine, and not even reimburse those who have no choice but to go overseas for the medicine.

        The response to Micheal Martin yesterday by Leo was “It is being worked on by the Minister and the Department of Health. I do not have an up-to-date position but I will certainly make sure it is provided to the Deputy.” which was hardly more helpful than the “Same reply.” response he gave to Gino.

        1. Cian

          Yes, Leo had made that reply (“It is being worked on by the Minister and the Department of Health. I do not have an up-to-date position but I will certainly make sure it is provided to the Deputy.”) two questions earlier.

          Gino was effectively asking the same question and already knew there was no answer available.

          I agree that Leo should have been more polite and given him the longer (non) answer.

          1. Johnny Green

            Cian/Eoin it was surprising that the FF leader was asking the questions and not its spokesperson on health !
            All the political parties were advised that Broadsheet was starting a weekly ‘roll up’ on Cannabis Legislation in Irl and asked for a statement.
            The intent is to have a weekly summary or roll up of any news, but Gino is scheduled today to ask further questions so its newsworthy.

            An Irish PhD Candiate in Law on “The Regulation of Medicinal Cannabis in Ireland,has kindly agreed to write a piece for broadsheet,which is fantastic news.

            The first roll up column or piece is on:

            Rhode Island-Med only with a bias towards dispensaries (only 3) and over 90 growing licenses have been issued.
            Connecticut-Med only with a bias towards growers (only 3 lic) and almost 20 dispensaries.
            Massachutes-Med/Rec which is about 5-10 years ahead Irl.

            Outlining this legislation it will allow a comparison to Ireland and perhaps a roadmap.

            A very simple solution is to grant growing/cultivation licenses for say 6-10 plants to each patient,whch can be transferred to a ‘care giver’ or micro grower, the grower can stack these licenses say 4 or 5,providing high grade flower and edibles to patients.
            Extraction at medical grade is a little trickier and requires more scale-but more on that over the next few weeks.

          2. eoin

            Good stuff Johnny, if Theresa May’s husband can make out like a bandit from the medicinal cannabis business in the UK, surely someone in Ireland should be attempting the same.

          3. Johnny Green

            Eoin-this came out today, there is no reason Ireland can’t be a major player in the EU cannabis space all that is required is the political will.

            “Victoria Atkins – who the Home Office cited as having declared the grow operation in Parliament – is the current UK minister for drugs. However, she recused herself from speaking about cannabis and other aspects of her drugs brief. This is because her husband, Paul Kenward, is the MD of British Sugar and therefore profits from the grow operation.”

            “Furthermore, the primary investor in GW Pharmaceuticals is US-based investor Capital Group where Prime Minister Theresa May’s husband, Philip May, is a relationship manager. With more than a decade of experience at the company, one might safely assume that when Capital Group’s clients profit, Mr May and his wife do too.”


          4. Johnny Green

            Hi Vanessa-Thursday is sampling/testing day at office:)
            (it’s sent in but kinda dry and very fact based-not much fun-will all kick off after the facts are firmly established, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts)

  3. Bebe

    Ffs that’s a bloody disgrace !

    If we tolerate this …….

    Such disrespect shown to a fellow elected representative – I’m furious.

    What next I wonder – Leo and his bloody spin doctors ! Mask hasn’t just slipped it’s fallen off.

    FG are some shower!

  4. GiggidyGoo

    FGer. Sums it up. Hope his mother is proud of him. More important to fly a flag of his iwnconvenience on the GPO. Anyone lease remember any other flag other than the tricolor being flown in the GPO?

    Just listened to a debate on the Niall Boylan show. If it’s available on podcast, well worth a listen.

    1. Johnny Green

      Hi Bebe,the first few pieces are going to be on the proposed legislation and a comparison to what other jurisdictions have done.Perhaps down the road a piece on patients which so far I have not engaged with, but agreed well done Vera and best wishes to Ava.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      he’s no more popular among the gay community than he is among any other community

      1. Cian

        Conversely, he’s as popular among the gay community than he is among any other community.

  5. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    Complete lack of manners
    Or even respect to the Dáil

    Leadership my rhymes with shmiddly shmoo (this is getting tiresome now)
    I’d get more Statesmanship out’ve a Budgie

    He’s the Lip Gloss Taoiseach
    On first application, sweet pleasent, pretty and balming
    But wears off too quickly

  6. Liam Deliverance

    Reminds me of the way that other arrogant, rhymes with stick, Enda Kenny used to go on , your time will come Varadkar

    1. Johnny Green

      Hi Stephen here is the report that this is based on.


      High Times.

      -Since 2014, more than $6.56 billion in regulated cannabis sales have taken place in the state, including more than $4.46 billion in sales for adult use and nearly $2.1 billion in medical marijuana purchases.

      -More than $283 million of cannabis tax revenue has been dedicated to K-12 education, with a majority of the funds used to build new schools. Amendment 64 directed the state legislature to enact a tax on wholesale transfers of cannabis for adult use and allocated the first $40 million collected each year to a program to fund school construction known as Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST)


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