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  1. Charger Salmons

    With the leadership contest now a coronation procession British politics is shaping up to be a fight to the death between two alpha males.
    If Boris delivers Brexit he’ll be crowned king.
    If not that other political silverback,Sir Nigel of Farage,will wreak havoc at the next general election.
    Either way the Peacock Taoiseach is out of his league when the big boys come out to play.
    Ireland needs a new leader fast and one that values diplomacy above posturing and colourful socks.

    1. bisted

      …you really should concentrate on your own mother of parliaments before you go offering advice to your neighbours…while a majority of your citizenry voted to leave the EU, that democratic will is about to be overruled by elected representatives in Westminster…assisted by the real power broker – Mr Bercow. It looks likely that bungling Boris will be elected but I predict that the only way he will be able to renegotiate is to revoke the initial Artical 50 and invoke a new one.

      Leo’s flashsy socks seem to have distracted you and other commentators…maybe that was his strategy all along. Not much of a strategy but it appears to have yielded better results than messers Davis and Rabb.

      1. Charger Salmons

        €8,757.70 a month salary.
        And you get paid extra just for turning up to work – €313 a day for signing in at the EU parliament building.
        Plus a generous expenses allowance paid into your personal bank account with no invoices needed.
        Plus €4342 a month for an office in your home country.
        And all to pay for an MEP with the political influence of an ingrowing toe-nail.
        All aboard the EU Gravy Train.
        Toot toot !


        1. milliem

          Members of the House of Lords get £313 tax free every time they turn up for a sitting day – and they’re not even elected.

          Choo choo! All aboard the funny handshake brigade Gravy Train.

          Mind you Ireland’s upper house, the Seanad Éireann, isn’t much more democratic as far as the common people are concerned and members of that are coining €66,940 per year although, to be fair, that figure is subject to tax.


    2. SOQ

      Oh please- is this poo starting again? Broadsheet lost both commentators and readers over this last time so don’t say you haven’t been warned.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        tbh, I’ve missed charger’s contributions

        most of it’s just silly but some is interesting, some is fun

        1. Charger Salmons

          I don’t normally bother with the knuckle-draggers on here but for you,BB,I’ll make an exception.

    3. scottser

      Ironic then that Boris is a lazy, useless silly without any idea of diplomacy or an eye for detail. He’s more Leo than Leo is.

  2. eoin

    Ah, would you look at Maxima and Minimus there on the front page of the Examiner. Day #3 of their visit to Ireland and they managed to visit another city where the Dutch construction business, the Royal BAM Groep,is very active.

    Pity that Leo strongly indicated that BAM shouldn’t ever get a state contract again. Surely it would take more than three days of royal pestering to reverse that attitude. Especially in the week when we learn from various sources that the cost of the National Childrens Hospital will top €2bn.

    1. SOQ

      But is BAM really the problem? The whole team working on that project should have been fired. Architects, Project Managers, Surveyors, QAs, the lot- how did they get it so wrong?

  3. eoin

    So,is that it for Maria Bailey?

    At the height of the controversy, and after a private convo between Leo and Maria, Leo announced an internal FG investigation by a senior barrister that would take “a fortnight”.

    The TImes Ireland reported this week the report “had” been produced.

    Why can’t we see it? It was used by Leo to shield Maria and the FG party from further questioning about the dodgy claim against the Dean Hotel and the role played by the current FG culture minister Josepha Madigan. Does Leo think the Irish media is so stupid that it will obediently follow the stick of “the matter is now being investigated by a senior counsel” only to be told the review by the SC will remain private, and anyway the wind has come out of the scandal and there should be something else for you to fetch.

    Surely the Irish media isn’t that stupid?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      The Irish media (mostly) are bought. We saw that with the 2040 (or whatever year was pulled from FGs nether regions) advertising supplements in newspapers last year.
      Long may the vilification of Bailey (Harris’ cousin) and Farrell continue.

    2. eoin

      Now even Leo,being given a great little platform right now on RTE’s most listened to weekend radio programme, says the review is complete but apparently Maria Bailey has to look at it before it comes to Leo. Will it be published? Leo wasn’t even asked.

      And what about Alan Farrell? Alan was “rear ended” and he won a payout. So, nothing to see with Alan at all says Leo.

  4. eoin

    Times Ireland doggedly pursues the re-elected Nial Ring, but this fire safety business looks like small beer compared to his business dealings. And where did he magick that €1m from earlier this year to save his home from Bank of Ireland?

  5. eoin

    To mark Leo’s 2-year anniversary in office, we now have a new record of outpatients waiting for an appointment in our hospitals – 556,411. Not only is it a record, but there are accusations of the figures being massaged.

    On the same day, we learn that as a state, we can’t provide home help to 6,000 eligible people.And we also learn it costs the State €550m to deliver 18m hours of home help, that’s €30 per hour. I wonder how many home helps are being paid €30 an hour? How much waste is there in that system.

    How is it FG still retains a reputation for admininstrative efficiency and financial competence?

    1. SOQ

      Is the home help system not outsourced these days? I know that there are private companies providing such services for sure.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      ‘How is it FG still retains a reputation for admininstrative efficiency and financial compete’ They don’t.

      1. eoin

        Didn’t they rescue the country in 2011 after FF destroyed the economy. Didn’t they do what needed to be done and haven’t we have five years of huge growth, a balanced budget and a rainy day fund, near full employment, falling debt levels.

        You see, that’s their speaking points. And they hammer them home at every opportunity.

        Of course, it was FF that negotiated the bailout in 2010-2011 and FG just followed the bailout agreement. The fiscal position hasn’t changed very much since 2015, according to the fiscal council. The fiscal council itself was in the 2010 bailout agreement and FG were late establishing it and they constantly ignore it. We have massive levels of non-participation in the labour market (2.3m, same number of people employed as mid 2000s, but 15% extra population). And it’s the debt as a % of GDP that’s falling and much of the GDP is artificial around corporate transfers. But people don’t get these nuances, you see, so yes, FG does still have a broad reputation for financial competence and good governance. You can thank the opposition and media for that state of affairs.

        1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

          In all sincerity one thing about Gemma O’Doherty that’s worth reminding people of
          Is her FGFFFO tag
          (FO being False Opposition)

          She was absolutely spot in
          A real Gem
          Credit where credit is due like

          Maybe if she stuck to that message ….

          Ara’ as the kids are saying now
          It is what it is

  6. GiggidyGoo

    Yes he was found innocent of the charges. But is that the aspect that the sponsors are looking at? Maybe it is the revelation of his character and his attitude towards the woman (women in general?) – the text messages. That is not the message that brands want to be associated with.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      That was a reply to a now deleted comment (actually series of comments by a poster whose comments have all been deleted)

      1. Str8bath

        Yes it was me thanks Giggidy

        I don’t take the same prurient view of his sex life or WhatsApp messages

        The only facts we know is that he had sex with a woman and so did his friend. This stuff happens every night of the week and if he wasn’t a man or a famous rugby player we’re never going to be talking about it

        1. Bertie Blenkinsop

          “The only facts we know is that he had sex with a woman and so did his friend. This stuff happens every night of the week”

          Not to me it doesn’t….
          Father’s Day tomorrow though!

    2. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      If it was a clothing company, or insurance, financial services, children’s toys, car… basically anything but alcohol their reason might hold some water. But they sell a product that gets people pissed, resulting in them doing things they might otherwise not.

      There is a strong whiff of hypocrisy from their stance.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Cash Converters, a loan shark charging 1281% for loans has also withdrawn sponsorship after less than a year. Loan sharks and drink peddlers look down on Top Shagger. Not hypocrisy, just a normal reaction.

    3. rotide

      That might hold water if any of the objectionable texts were sent by Jackson, but they weren’t. Craig Gilroy sent most of the really bad ones.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        What’s your take then on the reason. There has to be a reason, and an explanation of the decision.

        1. Al Bin Man

          there is no reason

          Just probably the overall deal was of questionable value to Diageo and their brand and they needed this excuse to drop them

  7. SOQ

    GO’D stormed Twitter? Something to do with paedophiles, the relentless LGBT agenda and global warming- err I think?

        1. SOQ

          Why doesn’t she move over to Jordan Peterson’s new thing- ThinkSpot? Or Gab, she’ll feel right at home there- full of ‘patriots’ just like herself.

  8. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    Shur’ why didn’t she just insist the interview take place as Gaelige

    Loosing our Irishness seems to be a running theme with ACI
    We’ll be a minority, Sharia Law, towns and shopping centres filled with Globalist retailers, no Irish produce or products, Irish flag being removed and replaced by Unicorn loving ‘filth’

    And all these armaGemmadon theories
    And tweets and webstreams
    About Irish Patriotism and Our National Identity
    And her promises to save Ireland for the Irish

    Are all delivered in English
    They couldn’t even manage an Ár nAthair there on Fenian street
    Shur’ even I could manage that

    Ara’ lookit
    Leave her and her pals, her enablers, supporters, trolls and bots at it
    They’ve all been found out now
    And communities and parents are well upto them now

  9. Johnny Green

    An interesting debate has been taking place recently in the letters section of the IT.

    ‘Meanwhile, the vast majority of comfortable middle-class people in their leafy suburbs can sleep safely in their beds while the disadvantaged continue to be further marginalised by the unwinnable war on drugs. ‘


    Hiroo Onoda, was a Japanese intelligence officer who for 29 years after the end of World War II continued to hide, fight and kill in the jungles of the Philippines because he did not believe the war was over,Ireland’s very own Hiroo is Ray Walley,determined to continue with his war on drugs with misinformation,fear mongering,confusion and constantly conflating issues with non fact based,outdated non scientific ‘reefer madness’ nonsense.


    The war is over Ray,you lost.

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