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  1. SOQ

    Those half black girls on The Tommy Tiernan Show tonight must surely be GO’D’s worst nightmare?

    1. SOQ

      Sally and Emma Garnett. They are intelligent, talented, articulate, Irish- and black. I must check out some of their work, It was a great interview by Tommy. Not exactly GO’D’s fair skinned ideal but as pointed out- neither was Phil Lynott.

      It’s available on the RTE player now.

      1. Al Bin Man

        Then they are not “half-black” are they?

        Why did you feel you needed to frame them in the context of their skin color ?

        Or indeed in the context of some half baked opinion of a right wing troll? Is this the gold standard now? We should opine only in reaction to what some harridan with a megaphone says?

        1. SOQ

          The context of discussion was at least partly about race and yes- they are half black as one parent is white. Not that half or quarter or whatever matters so fair point- my mistake for using the term.

          but, what that right wing troll is doing however is divisive and dangerous and should be challenged. That school post went right around the world and there is nobody better to do it than those of US who are non white. As proven elsewhere, ignoring this sort of thing does not make it go away, quite the opposite.

          Stick her in a studio and watch someone like Saoirse McHugh tear strips off her.

          1. Al Bin Man

            I really don’t think it’s that dangerous

            Debating a troll gives them currency like when former terrorist leader Gerry Adams was invited to the US. There’s a fatal fashion now- but that’s all it is- for thinking that because some idiot is mouthing off on twitter they should be monitored. In fact no one reads that stuff and even if they do they forget it a second later. Most twitter followers are fake and the interactive aspects are passive, futile and emasculated. It’s only the failing media who think Twitter users are real people and only because everyone involved has a vested interest in engendered fake outrage.
            Well done puppet for playing along

          2. SOQ

            @ Al Bin Man- But that is the whole point isn’t it? They only operate in a medium where they can control the interaction which is more the reason to bring it out in the open. And do not under estimate the power of social media in politics these days- it was partly responsible for both Brexit and Trump after all.

            @ Venessa- She made some valid points about the selection process but she certainly was not coming out with this sort of thing. Was I taken in? Yes probably but if anything that just makes me a bit niave- you obviously seen through it. Either way, please temper your words.

          3. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            Your own words were neither tempered or measured

            Likewise with many of your posts
            Some even up to early this year
            Were disgusting and vulgar
            Unnecessary and personal

            Particularly towards myself and Johnny Hamptons

            Own your behaviour Same’oh
            Your opener on this thread describes the true you
            Beyond any doubt asaic

          4. Al Bin Man

            Well done soq

            You’ve really fallen into their trap.
            Legitimize the bully and give them oxygen.

            The whole myth of this comms paradigm is that an alternative parallel- o-verse exists where what they have to say matters. Also like our old friends the gays ( they’ve learned a lot from you guys), playing the perpetual victim.

            When you venture into the world they control ( that was a good point) and they savage and mock you there, it’s like being raped by a herd of anteaters- your reputation among decent people destroyed – but the only outcome is the opponent had a hollow self proclaimed victory for their red meat “base”. Useful idiots like that Clampers lad on here will then spread their YouTube video like the first empty of the slatted shed slurry (indiscriminate, just have to get it out of the tank)

          5. SOQ

            @ Al Bin Man- No I haven’t fallen into any trap, just highlighting the dangers of ignoring it is all, because others will not. I don’t use twitter myself, never did. Yes the alt Right have adopted the tactics of the hard left and regularly play the victim when it suits- as all bullies do.

            This is how it starts, exploiting a legitimate concern of locals against a migrant prison because of the arrogance and/or incompetence of faceless actors within the state.

            People then start considering the far right as an alternative because all the left do is scream ‘racist’ at them, which in turn gives oxygen to those who really are.

            Is there a reason why people keep changing their names around here? Genuine question.

          1. SOQ

            I really like the format Tommy is using- its quite clever. Because he doesn’t know who is coming out next, there is a certain vulnerability, and the guests respond in kind. You know there is a risk of a complete car crash, but it never seems to happen.

            It kind of reminds me of The Late Late in the eighties- except it is also very modern. It’s the complete opposite of The Late Late nowadays of course, which is polished to an inch of its life.

          2. millie st murderlark

            I do love when he has absolutely no idea who his guest is and he has the knack for asking just the right awkward question.

          3. Lilly

            There’s no way it’s staged. It really feels like live TV in that you just don’t know what’s going to unfold. Ryan Tubridy could never pull it off as he’s nervy, cagey and too much of a careerist. Tommy Tiernan has a good dollop of irreverence mixed with a genuine humanity, rare enough qualities in a broadcaster these days. I loved his interview with the boxer Kellie Harrington.

            I heard the American writer Elizabeth Gilbert on the Marian Finucane show recently being interviewed by Brendan O’Connor. She sounded so rehearsed and polished, it just took all the life out of it. And sure enough I checked elsewhere later and found her giving the same spiel word for word. That’s the antithesis of a conversation and makes for boring radio.

          4. Lilly

            Ah come on, he’s not in Tommy’s league, although almost anyone would be more interesting than Tubs and Ray Darcy.

          5. SOQ

            Brendan’s not in anyone’s league, that’s the whole point, neither was Tommy before he created it himself.

            I may be wrong, who knows- only one way to find out?.

          6. SOQ

            Brendan’s done more serious stuff since then, like young(ish) adults living with their parents- The fix-it format wasn’t great, meaning all they could do is find them a rented flat somewhere. but he certainly came across very well.

            It’s a hard topic to tackle, without being overtly political.

  2. eoin

    If anyone is interested, Alan Shatter’s doorstop has sold 372 copies in week #2 since launch, placing it #4 in the Irish paper-back non-fiction charts. At #5 is Harry Barry’s “Self Acceptance” and at #3 Kay Adam’s “This is Going to Hurt”, which sound like recommended reads for the embittered Shatt.

  3. eoin

    Not at all suspicious that the B&A political opinion poll for the Sunday Times has dramatically recalibrated the Shinners (down 1/3rd from previous B&A polls) and Greens (up nearly 100%) after the recent election results which were totally at odds with recent B&A polls. Pure coincidence, and I wish to put it on record, polling companies are highly reputable.

    FF 28 (28)
    FG 23 (28)
    SF 12 (19)
    Greens 11 (5)
    Labour 5 (4)
    Ross/Halligan/Moran 3 (3)
    Solidarity/PBP 2(3)
    Aontu 1(0)
    Renua 1(0)
    Soc Dems 1(1)

    If things weren’t bad enough for the Shinners, Anthony McIntyre (Boston tapes, anti Shinner) Pensive Quill has gotten hold of what it claims was a speech by a Shinner councillor after the local elections, it’s a bit hilarious. . Not happy campers at all in the SF camp at the mo.


    1. Charger Salmons

      By jove that Shinner woman’s use of apostrophes is criminal.
      Don’t they teach them anything in those mountain training camps ?

    2. Al Bin Man

      Great article but you know though she was obviously very emotional she’s probably spot on. That’s the problem with appealing exclusively to scumbags, they don’t have any real stake in society at large and if they can afford a big screen tv or new car they can’t wait to get out of their ghetto. Politics of no just doesn’t work

  4. eoin

    Depressed? Suicidal? But also a bit confused as to which of the 250+ govt funded charities (which provide counselling for mental health) to call? Don’t worry, the government will soon be introducing a one stop shop 999-type number for your initial call and they’ll decide which of the 250+ charities would be most suited to your needs. No easy task as many of them appear to have identical offerings.

    The SBP has the story.

    Would it be too bizarre if the government were to provide decent mental health support via the HSE and stop funding 250+ charities in the private sector to do the same.

  5. eoin

    The newspaper circulation figures for the British papers in Ireland in May are out.


    Total market down 3% in just one month and down 13% in the year.

    The poor Sunday Times, Ireland edition sold just 63,273 copies at full price and gave away or sold at a discount another 2,754. That’s desperate.

    The figures for the Irish newspapers won’t be available until August. Word on the street is, the SBP is now down below 20,000 weekly circulation.

  6. eoin

    Ex-prez Mary McAleese has been rumbled, or at least she’s not responding to questions from the Sunday Times about her role at the Saudi-hqed Bussola Institute (see Fri paper comments).

    The Sunday Times reports

    “The Bussola Institute said Mary McAleese is not paid for her role on the board but receives expenses and “a modest honorarium for her time”…In June last year Simon Coveney, the tanaiste and minister for foreign affairs, gave a briefing to the Bussola Institute meeting in Farmleigh. That same week the institute signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Dublin City University (DCU) to embark on a joint research project on tolerance, diversity and inclusion.”

    How modest an honorarium, Mary?

      1. Al Bin Man

        I’m hopeful still they will have a concerted stop Boris effort. But he does seem to have a good team.

        1. Charger Salmons

          Boris is Labour’s biggest fear.
          He’s a proven winner with broad appeal and strong recognition factor.
          He’s also a great campaigner.
          I can’t wait for those head-to-head debates with Corbyn when the Oxford graduate goes up against the man with two Grade E A-levels.
          You can’t bate a good educashion.

          1. Al Bin Man

            I don’t know about the last part of your comment.
            Are you a right wing troll?

            But that’s correct. Boris is a proven winner and so far has showed great campaign discipline.
            Far from the buffoon commonly portrayed.
            And evidenced.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            boris will be PM soon

            he’ll be done before 2020 though – may even beat the record for the shortest ever period in office (around 4 months?)

          3. Brother Barnabas

            @ Al Bin Man

            charger often confuses orator with masturbator

            it’s an english public school thing

          4. Al Bin Man

            @bb what sort of hazing ritual do they usually engage in? Does it involve fellating head boys?
            Would explain a lot

          5. Al Bin Man

            There’s no doubt the majority in the U.K. is for Leave. Thank god. Now get fupping on with it

          6. Charger Salmons

            They have been for the last three years.
            Not that the Brexit-hating media and Biased Brexit Corporation would have you know.
            There are even some gormless simpletons on BS who still think the UK is going to cave in to EU pressure as Ireland did over Lisbon 2:0. ( to widespread amusement around Europe )

          7. Al Bin Man

            Gormless simpletons?

            That’s not a very respectful way to refer to the wet Tory front bench who can’t even organize a simple leaving do let alone a pissup in a proverbial.

            What makes you think Boris ForgetsHisPants can get it done either? He won’t.

          8. Al Bin Man

            Trying to erase the reality of another lonely Father’s Day through the bottle I see.

          9. Charger Salmons

            The irony being lost on the knucklehead who has posted 19 times in this thread …

          10. Al Bin Man

            Lol you asked what will Boris do

            But it’s a mistake to waste time engaging with that lonely old friendless sozzlehead. When you try to get into any sort of discussion with him – you know when people go back and forth with opposing points of view- he turns a bit septic, bit like a diseased, blind old badger, best avoided.

            So to sheer amazement I’m going to answer your query. He won’t do anything. Because as others pointed out Parliament pulls the strings now and merely putting in new flashy drapes for Summer won’t change a damned thing, they will have another election in fall and then a clear Brexit majority will emerge I’m sure. New withdrawal agreement going into 2021 or 2022. No ones going to vote for Corbyn as PM and I just don’t think Cable can get the seats needed with their rotten borough decrepit FTTP “system”

          11. Charger Salmons

            ” drapes ” ?
            ” in fall ” ?
            Over here we call them curtains and Autumn mate.
            And it’s FPTP not FTTP.
            This banter malarkey is not really your thing is it ?

          12. Brother Barnabas

            “drapes” is not an americanism

            and curtains and drapes are not the same thing

            as always, charger, I’m more than happy to school you in the basics of the English language. feel free to ask questions.

          13. Al Bin Man

            It’s going to turn out he had purchased a Thai mail order bride you know. Shame it didn’t work out old chap. Frightful business that gonorrhea.

          14. Charger Salmons

            “I’m more than happy to school you in the basics of the English language”

            The correct use of capital letters would be a good start …

            Always good for the lolz Brother

          15. Brother Barnabas

            “I’m more than happy to school you in the basics of the English language”
            The correct use of capital letters would be a good start …
            Always good for the lolz Brother

            “English” is a proper noun, you dunce.

            lolz, indeed

          16. Pat

            The sexual tension between you lot is summink else! DING DONG! as Terry Thomas might exclaim!

  7. Gabby

    What is charity? What is a CHARITY? What is it to be charitable?
    Are charitable donors among the general public being taken for mugs?

    1. the bottler

      What about the charity that lectures other charities. The Wheel “the charity that every other charity wants to be”

  8. Bertie Blenkinsop

    Happy Father’s Day to all the Da’s and sons or anyone missing their Da’s today, have a good un!

    1. Al Bin Man

      What about lads whose dads were wife beaters, drunks and bullies? Or priests ? Should we celebrate then too?

          1. Al Bin Man

            Ha he’s ok. I’m a bit annoyed with him for telling me to go watch RTÉ player there’s only so many unskippable ads for Aldi families I can take

            Enjoy Father’s Day Bertie !

          2. martco

            @Al Bin Man
            imho BBC iPlayer is your only man for playability & content (maybe its the age I’m arriving into :))

            ad free heaven & plenty of interesting content on tap

  9. eoin

    This week, the Dail will debate sending more Irish soldiers to the African country of Mali for “peace keeping”. The country is in a state of bloody war with multiple theatres. Last week, there was a massacre at a village in the centre of the country with around 100 killed. There are killings almost every day, 20 jihadists were “neutralised” yesterday. The govt is firing military top brass today. There is a UN mission to the country and that provides the Irish govt with the cover to approve deployment of our soldiers, but we have no business there, and we’re exposing Irish lives to probable threat.

    The govt doesn’t have a majority and will depend on FF support this week for the deployment. What will the FFers do, and will they take responsibility for the likely body bags?


    Also, has neutral Ireland declared war on the group calling itself Islamic State?

    1. Al Bin Man

      Thanks Eoin fair play for highlighting

      What is the backdrop to the unrest in Mali?
      Can you send a link/explainer

  10. eoin

    Further to Jeffrey Donaldson from the DUP blaming Ireland for the UK’s Brexit shambles, and Jeffrey’s questionable businesses and their dealings with Bahrain, Jeffrey has just declared in the House of Commons register a £1,300 all expenses paid trip to Bahrain to watch the F1 Grand Prix. But, as well as the support for the Middles Eastern human rights backwater, Jeffrey is the UK’s Trade Envoy to Egypt, and it was reported last week by Private Eye that the UK has supplied Egypt with £4m of machine guns in the past three years, while Human Rights Watch has just published a report on Egypt where, in the Sinai peninsula, torture and extrajudicial shooting of civilians by Egyptian security forces is rife.

    There’s a special place reserved in Hell for Jeffrey where he’ll be forced to act out the scenes from those hotel room films that he was so fond of (until the Telegraph exposed him).

        1. Al Bin Man

          At present, the films on offer which would fall into the highest price category at the Marriott are Sexy Scenes 2009, series 2, series 5 and series 7,

          Oh my sides! I haven’t heard Áine Lawlor ask him about this

    1. Lilly

      Wouldn’t you love an auld credit card to play with all the same. We have to say prayers just to get a few taxis where I work. I could get really creative with a company credit card ;)

  11. bisted

    …oh dear…my comment deleted again…I’m obviously doing this wrong…maybe if I posted links to porn sites or threatened physical sexual assault I’d be able to enjoy the impunity that the quare fellow seems to enjoy…

    1. Al Bin Man

      Sow seems to want to control who debates here – as the editor once noted “ who exactly do you think you are” ?

      I literally don’t care what some friendless gobpoo on Twitter is saying and really neither should he.

      We already had to fight so hard to get to this level of freedom and it seems all his sort want to do is regress us back to a point where they get to decide who speaks.

      Well he can F off.

    2. Al Bin Man

      regarding the other thing I was temporarily on naughty step because I posted a link to a foreign ladies mail order site- merely as a gesture of goodwill to epic good egg charger

      Maybe it’s editorial policies like that which make the site more of an orienteering challenge

      Anyway who cares if people change names- I don’t

      Who did he threaten? He seems a bit of a loose canon he was posting here last night about people being half black. Half black? Half cut I’d say!

    1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

      Remember this?


      You might notice I pegged in AGS as being particularly misogynist and holier than Knock when it came members of the force having kids

      There was a time – pre 83 I think
      (Probably something for Kevin the Boggy Lawyer one Higgins to confirm) that a Ban Garda had to be married before being admitted into the force at all
      Up until then most female recruits into Templemore were in their mid to late 20s and already married (usually to Guards btw)

  12. deluded

    I presume that the US Republican party or the UK Tories will follow a “might-is-right” line here.
    It could be the Iranians have a Death Star hidden behind the moon, a grim joke given the scale of slaughter unleashed by the attack on September 11th 2001.
    As I see it the people running our wars or printing these newspapers never bear comment, it’s always the might-have-beens and the not-even-running (Maria Baileys wasn’t a candidate in the recent elections yet filled the air for a week while 60% of people voted FFG).
    Because they’ll sue? Then you have to go a layer deeper to discuss who is doing what.
    To be frank, international logistics alone puts the current war far beyond amateur study and analysis.
    Plus this “deep layer” of clandestine discussion is so easily manipulated. To my mind conspiracy theories are a welcome distraction from our powerless fugue.
    As noted by others the US Democratic party is also centre right, but more socially liberal, can I compare them to FFG in Ireland? This war would happen anyway with a Democrat in power according to some here (I can’t presume anything of those who rarely comment on a particular topic).
    So what would Jeremy Corbyn do differently?

    1. Al Bin Man

      I think he would do very little

      If your theory is correct deep state actors take steps independently –
      I’d expect push to come from those sectors

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