Project Runway


From top: Waterford Regional Airport; Independent Alliance TD John Hallgian

Speaking on RTÉ’s Today with Sean O’Rourke following reports that Minister for Transport Shane Ross went against the advice of officials in granting the investment, Mr Halligan said that down the years, such advice from civil servants has not been correct.

The €5m investment from the Government in Waterford Airport was “a small amount”.

He said the airport “was viable and hundreds of thousands of people were flying from there when you were able to land prop planes down through the years“.

Mr Halligan indicated it would be a case of “build it and they will come“, adding that the business would be there once you have the jets.

Good times.

€5m for Waterford Airport a ‘small amount’ – Halligan (RTÉ)

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13 thoughts on “Project Runway

  1. edalicious

    Lord Ross has gone rogue. Between this and coming out against transport plans from his own department, he’s gone way off the plantation.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Mmmmm ‘build it and they will come’
    Well, John, People have arrived in Waterford Hospital. since you became TD on the promise of a cath scanner. They’ve come, but no cath scanner. But sure, throw €5m into an airport with no flights. Good fellow.

  3. Anomanomanom

    As someone who despises Ross I’d normally jump on this but after reading more in to this the €5,000,000 seems like a good idea if it will be used to get the airport back up to scratch.

    1. Knobhead

      I was thinking the same. In th IT article on Tuesday they said the funding would be matched by businesses in the area. Surely there’s a need for it if local businesses are willing to invest.

      I never thought I’d be defending either of those two but the way this story is framed is weird. The article says no ‘commercial’ flights in 3 years but there’s no mention if there are other flights (freight/industry). Story seems a bit manufactured.

  4. Zaccone

    Nothing but corruption.

    If Halligan wants to play parish pump politics thats one thing. Its not a good thing, but its somewhat understandable.

    But putting the money into the completely dead Waterford airport would just make me wonder who exactly will be getting the contracts for it. That €5m could be far far better used locally in hospitals, or schools, or countless other ways.

    1. Mattress Pat

      Waterford Airport is not dead, and the runway extension will make it even less so.

  5. phil

    It might be better to build a 5m runway than give an accountancy house 5m for a report advising against building a runway

  6. Clampers Outside!

    If decentralisation of job concentration away from Dublin is a plan, which I believe it is, and has been, then this is a good idea, in the long run.
    You won’t get companies moving out of hubs like Dublin if there are no facilities elsewhere.
    That airport would be good for the whole of the South East, in fairness.

    And yeah… I do now live in Waterford.

    Up the Déise and all that :)

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