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  1. Brother Barnabas

    sad news of jessie barr’s retirement – could have been ireland’s greatest ever athlete, but robbed by injuries. had everything.

        1. Al Bin Man

          Any woman who publicly says she wants to wrap her legs around a lads head has to be a contender

  2. Gabby

    So Morsi has died in jail. He was the lawfully elected president of Egypt. He was deposed by force of the military. Egypt is not a democracy.

    1. eoin

      Hypocrite Tory Crispin Blunt “called on Monday for an investigation into Morsi’s death. “The Egyptian government has a duty to explain his unfortunate death and there must be proper accountability for his treatment in custody,” he said.””

      The UK has sold £23m of military equipment to Egypt in the past three years, including £4m of machine guns, reported Private Eye last week, despite Human Rights Watch chronicling torture and murder by Egypt’s security forces in the Sinai region of the country.

      And who is the UK’s trade envoy to Egypt? Step forward Jeffrey Donaldson, the DUP MP and avid movie fan. Presumably he was given the job by Theresa May as part of the Tories “confidence and supply” agreement with the DUP.


      1. bisted

        …another regime change inspired by the US/zionists in the Middle East…this time a democracy…with the exception of the massacre of over 800 civilians it was practically bloodless by crooked Hillarys standards…

    1. eoin

      Not sure which page V, but the main IW front page is lifted directly from the CSO.


      And, as for the GAA page, until the GAA stops refusing to reveal what its management gets in salaries and benefits, there’s a big cloud hanging over that organisation in my opinion. Yeah, yeah, the cultural heritage and nostalgia is one thing, the tens of millions swilling around when the talent get paid fupp all is another thing.

      1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

        That’s so mean spirited e
        Who weeweeed into your crisps this morning huh?

        The Irish World publishes a wide variety of news, sports and other interests, from Country and Irish to Irish Centres abroad updates, and obituaries of lads people forgot about.

        Bernard himself has to be recognised as the go- to man in London on Brexit from all angles, and not just from this side if the Irish Sea

        And incidentally, he’s a great friend and advocate for the survivors of Mother and Baby homes and Industrial schools. At the drop of a DM he had a Journo to cover the Peter Tyrell Vigil at Hampstead Heath and meet Tuam Survivors Network’s leading men, Peter Mulryan and Kevin Higgins. You wouldn’t get that here FFS

        The Irish World is an enormous resource for the Paddies in the UK. CLG Londain, and Clubs throughout the UK would be unknown to most of ye only for them.

        And if you are genuinely that keen about the GAA finances
        Could you at least show some courtesy and be specific
        What managers?
        Teams? Club? Inter- County?
        Admin? County, Provincial? Ard Comhairle?
        Property? Club grounds? County Grounds? Offices? Croke Park

        The GAA is a club first organisation
        accountability start there
        So a bitta’ve clarity about your query and less scatter gunning

        1. Al Bin Man

          When we go to a Gah game and we pay in cash to get through a turnstile will we get a receipt?

          Will we fupp

          1. Al Bin Man

            Hoho well you’re going senior hurling now?

            1/ I’m a lapsed Gahtholic- for disclosure – but really enjoying the games this year in USFC and CSFC – so feel this years game coming soon
            2/ so I currently go to to approx 1 match a year
            3/ last game inter county, arrived late, negotiated discount, paid cash for ticket, NO RECEIPT
            4/ usually attend a game a relative is playing in under age codes. This is not just family thing, I HATE the cynicism and sheer thuggery of the Senior game ( feel free to discuss )
            5/ club/ underage games – always cash- never ticket- NEVER RECEIPT – even at inter county level

            Your puck out

            I know well why am I on naughty list.

          2. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            1/ the CGFC has been won. As for the USFC, even if Ginola was togging out I wouldn’t go
            2/ bandwagon fair day supporter so
            3/ Your Ticket is your Receipt
            4/ so more than one game a year. Make your mind up. In the meantime the GAA is more than the lads associated with cynicism and sheer thuggery of Senior up there in Ulster
            5/ take that up with the Club – attend their AGM query their accounts before they’re adopted.
            Same for the County Board. Get yourself a delegate card for their AGM and do the same.

            Back at ya

          3. Al Bin Man

            Fair shoulder challenge there

            But a bit of off the ball stuff too!

            You asked for examples of no receipts etc

            I gave you two. By your non response I see you’re putting it out for a 45. Fair enough. I’ll knock it over now – I’ll even take it off the ground.

            In the first case I didn’t get a ticket. Even in the Aviva you have to show you’re there with a barcode on the ticket.

            As for the old the Gah is a democracy blah blah blah – spare me. There was no democratic process in place for the Newbridge or Nowhere debacle last year. Nor for the valid objection raised by Donegal to Dublin’s home advantage in the Super 8s. Gah suits themselves and answer to nawthing

          1. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            Thank you e
            So what you are asking about are the paid employees at National HQ – Croke Park, level of the association.
            Of course their salaries should be reported
            But their Auditors have accepted Tom Ryan’s version of the reporting standard.
            So take it up with them

            Take another look at that set of Accounts e

            And tell me about the distributions
            County Board

            I can promise you one thing though
            No one in the GAA
            At any level
            Has the pay and perks and control that John Delaney had
            Then again
            You won’t see any of our members getting changed on the side of the road

          2. eoin

            Vanessa, as I understand it, the pay and rewards of the top management has been “benchmarked against comparable organisations”. What organisations? Who can tell. I hope it wasn’t the FAI, but who knows.

            As for “No one in the GAA At any level Has the pay and perks … that John Delaney had”, it would be easier to verify that if the pay and perks were revealed.

            Of course, they may be able to avoid publishing the pay and perks on an accounting technicality. But if they want my trust, I want to see them and the refusal to publish makes me suspicious they would be embarrassed by the scale of the pay and perks.

          3. Al Bin Man


            Facilities have been invested in that’s true , but even that level of patronage is questionable

            I well remember as a young fla getting changed in old buses and so on

            And I’m sure every parish club has a gender neutral bathroom – ah here

          4. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

            C’mere e
            You’re suggesting they’re not reporting payroll because of an accounting technicality
            Absolutely and for sure payroll is charged and presented into the P&L
            They just haven’t given a note about the top boyos

            In my memory pay was always related to School teachers
            Although I’d say Tom Ryan is pitched to a PO grade
            As for the the CEO which is kinda a recent function – couldn’t tell ya. But I reckon tis between 200 and 250k

            Go and get the CLG accounts down yourself e

  3. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    I don’t know if anyone paid attention to a little shout out to get some support for the Thailand Side at the Women’s Works Cup

    As ye all must know by now the Septics made pigs of themselves
    But earlier tonight they got one past Sweden
    And their biggest supporter got endearingly emotional
    Do yerselves a favour and root it out


        1. ReproBertie

          If Ireland aren’t playing topsy doesn’t pay attention. Wait until you see his excitement for the RWC later this year.

          1. Al Bin Man

            Can’t wait to hear the spit roast and gambling addiction stories and anguished paroxysms of soul-searching among the belabored exiled West Brit set here when we go out in the first round to Scotland as usual

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Look at the globe. Now look at the intended rip off that our so-called government are foisting upon us in taxes. As if we haven’t been hit with enough over the past 10 years or so. Do we really believe that a country of our size should be ‘leading the way’ in making the population poor given that any contribution to climate change by Ireland has zilch effect overall. L o o k a t t h e G l o b e

    1. Rob_G

      We’re also one of the richest countries in the world, and one of the higher emitters of greenhouse gasses per capita, so yes, it is incumbent upon us to take the lead on climate change. This is an existential crisis threatening humanity – no time for pointing at the other fellow and complaining that he should go first.

    2. martco


      don’t forget it’s kite season (I’m surprised that Examiner lead doesn’t have an “advertisement” stamp on it)

      FG are panic jumping a perceived green wave popularity shark pre-GE

      every second house in the country has an oil fired central heating system & every third one is on mains gas…with a very large influential industry supplying it

      next up “we’re going to the moon”

      I’m enjoying this nonsense

  5. eoin

    The Sindo at the weekend had an unusually good investigation of spending by the Dublin Port Company, the state-owned company which manages the port which handles 10s of billions of goods and millions of passengers each year. It has an annual turnover of €85m and in 2018, is sitting on €0.5bn of assets and gave the state a dividend of €15m for 2017. Presumably its assets would be worth a lot more if David McWilliams got his way and large parts of the port were developed for housing. However, its spending has come under scrutiny thanks to the Sindo, which revealed jaw dropping levels of personal and credit card spending.

    How has the company responded to the reporting in the Sindo? Yesterday, it announced it was hiring private investigators to track down the source of the leak. “Dublin Port wishes to establish the motivation behind the selective leaking of commercial information, which appears designed to create an incorrect and damaging perception of inappropriate spend by the company” . Shameless.

    Amongst the spending “last year” is, according to the Irish Times, “[chief executive] Eamonn O’Reilly’s bills reportedly totalling almost €95,000 for flights, hotels and other expenses. His expenses were said to include a €5,500 airfare for Dublin Lord Mayor Nial Ring to fly to Chicago.”

    Nial Ring is a controversial councillor, with a string of iffy companies and lavish spending on booze during his tenure as mayor and the charge he was buying votes; question marks remain over the source of €1m magicked up at the start of this year to pay off a Bank of Ireland loan on his family home at 63 St Lawrence Road after the bank tried to repossess the property.

    If you take a look at Nial Ring’s declarations to Dublin City Council for 2017,2018 and up to 1st March 2019 [which should presumably cover the “last year” reported by the Sindo at the weekend], you won’t see that €5,500 airfare declared as a gift, despite a requirement to declare such travel if it cost more than €634.87. Nial’s declarations are here

    http://www.dublincity.ie/sites/default/files/content/YourCouncil/Councillors/Documents/Councillors%20Declaration%20of%20Ethics%202018.pdf (from pg 354)

    Someone should ask Nial about declaring the €5,500 airfare to Chicago. Also, the Comptroller and Auditor General should be sending a team into Dublin Port to scrutinise personal spending and the Oireachtas transport committee should haul the chief executive (since 2010) of Dublin Port Company, Eamonn O’Reilly in to explain himself. Maybe, after a decade, a fresh pair of hands is called for at this under-scrutinised state business.

    1. Al Bin Man

      Surprised you didn’t comment on the obit for John Donnelly , one of Ireland’s “foremost insolvency experts” that appears in the Irish Times last week

      Another scion of Deloitte and captain of industry , pillar of the community , etc

      Only in Ireland!

  6. eoin

    Silly man, in many of the papers today, a Revenue Commissioner employee with an unblemished record since 2007 was caught selling 400 cigarettes on Facebook which had been acquired in Poland. He was fired and has lost his job. For what? €100 profit? Max.

    There’s no name for this person because the facts emerged at a Workplace Relations Commission case, he is anonymised. He claimed his girlfriend put him under pressure. He worked in the audit dept of the Revenue which investigates the illegal sale of cigarettes.


  7. eoin

    Further to that story on BS a week ago, there’s a crowd funding page for the two Romanian women, Adrina Podaru (25) and Ana Tomascu (20), who were convicted of brothel keeping at 6 Canning Place Newbridge.


    It’s funny that Gardai didn’t recover much money. Was the premises under surveillance to provide evidence of brothel keeping? If so, why didn’t the Gardai arrest men illegally purchasing sex? Where was the male muscle backup for the two women and why weren’t they arrested? The property was rented, have the Gardai investigated the landlord?

    Strange story, but at least the Gardai are enforcing the law which was overwhelmingly passed in 2017 by 94-6 (FF, FG, SF voted for, the six voting against were Clare Daly, Mick Wallace, Eamon Ryan, Catherine Martin, Seamus Healy, Catherine Connolly)

  8. eoin

    The USA has deployed an additional 1,000 troops to its bases in the Middle East, after the questionable attacks on oil tankers.

    Did the troops pass through Shannon? There was no reason for that. They could just as easily have stopped over in Belfast or Britain. We should be helping our US friends restore our neutrality by gradually persuading them to go elsewhere. Our neutrality was on a slippery slope, maybe time to reverse the slide, bit by bit.

  9. Dr.Fart MD

    leo: i declare a state of emergency on climate change
    also leo: nothhin a lil nudge over the space of 30 years shouldn’t fix

  10. Charger Salmons

    World record-breaking performance by one of Ireland’s greatest-ever sportsmen took place on the mainland today.
    Eoin Morgan hit more sixes (17) in a world cup game than any other batsman as he raced to a superb 148 against Afghanistan who possess one of the best spin attacks in world cricket.
    Of course the Irish media will largely ignore it as Morgan is captain of England.
    But thanks anyway Ireland.
    Blighty will always offer a welcome home for talented Irish people.

    1. Al Bin Man

      Great to have you back

      Try to stay between the ditches old chum

      And don’t forget to apply the cream to all of the affected areas

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