A Limerick A Day


A horn-like growth apparently caused by the habitual bent-neck posture of frequent mobile device user

It’s time for young people to scorn
Their smartphones as Oz boffins warn
That when used to excess
They cause ligament stress
That’s likely to give you the horn

John Moynes

Pic: Scientific Reports

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4 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. SOQ

    Slightly off topic but the ergonomics of laptops are dreadful. I see tech people who while only in their forties are now walking around bent over like old grannys. There is literally a curve in their upper spines where they cannot straighten up.

    The banks appear to be taking the lead in this where you will see that all screens are now on adjustable polls. IMO this should be law for all work places because on cost benefit alone, it is a guaranteed health issue coming down the tracks.

    1. H

      I agree, I recently discovered I was developing a hunched back – to my horror! Got myself a stand for my laptop and a separate keyboard so now I can sit up properly while using it.

      1. SOQ

        You’ll need a monitor too? Which begs the question as to why if not mobile you are using a laptop at all.

        Rule of thumb- the centre line of the screen should be at eye level. Ergonomics say 30-70 but if you want to correct or improve then 50/50 when sitting upright. Chair too, avoid cheap office on wheels, better with one from the kitchen.

  2. Gearóid

    The original article with which the silly season journalists are having a field day is being heavily criticised on social media by scientists.

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