The Years Have Been Kind



This afternoon.

The Doggie Lodge, County Wicklow.

Edel O’Meara writes:

Is Digby Ireland’s oldest dog?? 19 today and celebrating  at The Doggie Lodge…



Ah lads.

Poor old Digby.

The Doggie Lodge,

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11 thoughts on “The Years Have Been Kind

  1. Janet, I ate my avatar

    ah brilliant,
    that’s the Jackie blood in her by the looks of things, heard of them going to 21!
    mine is 14 thinks she’s 4

    1. edalicious

      Yeah, I had a JR cross that made it to 19 too. She was a puppy until she was about 17!

  2. scottser

    My bitch of a neighbor is in her forties. She’s definitely Ireland’s oldest dog..

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