Is there a structural engineer in the house?

Where’s Cllr Dan?


10 thoughts on “Get Medieval

  1. class wario

    Would be in the area on occasion and almost no doubt in my mind that these have been let fall into total disrepair intentionally the past few years. I’d say they even looked quite picturesque 3-5 years back.

    1. Conor Dwyer

      Judging by google maps they were in the same state a decade ago. There’s nothing remarkable about them, can’t believe they’re spouting medieval nonsense. They’re 20th century builds.

  2. Jeffrey

    I normally agree with trying to conserve as much as possible for old buildings but these really dont look to have anything of architectural interest, they also look like turn of 1900, nothing medieval about that.

    1. Custo

      So do a lot of buildings on Thomas st, but behind the facade are original timber beams etc dating back 300 years or more..

  3. bob_the _builder

    I would agree the old trick of have them in such a bad condition one can just build the new building

    Its time that the building that replaces the demerit one must be an identical design built from the old materials in the manner it was first built
    This would ensure proper conservation

  4. dav

    this is Ireland, where developers can destroy the country and will not be punished, thanks civilwarshirts

  5. Brian

    Mid 20th century rubbish. Replace it with early 21st century rubbish.

    In fairness i’d worry for the impartiality of his independent report which he already concludes ‘would save them’.

    You can always buy them and do whatever you like with them. You’re very generous with their current owner’s money.

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