Nothing To See Here



Luke Peter Silke


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11 thoughts on “Nothing To See Here

  1. eoin

    “Arguing that it would take more than month to gather all correspondence between #LeoVaradkar and the ‘owners’ of newspapers!”

    So he’s looking for correspondence between Leo and the “owners of newspapers” since 1 July 2019? And the response is, it will take more than a month to assemble that info? That sounds very strange indeed. Also, who are the newspaper owners in the case of INM say (30% DOB, 15% Dermot Desmond, 6% Larry Goodman and thousands of other shareholders?), Irish Times (members of the trust?)

    I’d say this FOI would be refused because it’s not specific enough.

    1. McVitty

      “Person with ownership or control interest means a person or corporation that: Has an ownership interest totaling 5 percent or more in a disclosing entity.”

      That working definition should narrow it down to no more than 10 shareholders.

  2. Joe Small

    Firstly, did Luke record a civil servant’s conversation without her permission? If so, that’s a gross breach of trust.

    Secondly, government departments get rambling nonsensical FOI requests every day of the week. People need to understand that civil servants have to put aside their regular work to respond to FOI requests and they are incredibly time-consuming. Its common sense that they try to negotiate to ensure that the request is narrowed down to the actual precise documents that are wanted. they are trying not to waste anyone’s time.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      If i get told by a human, or recorded information that ‘calls may be recorded’, I take that as a permission granted to me to record calls.

    2. Ron

      @Joe Small. We all know the majority civil servants in this country are quite allergic to any sort of hard work. Who the hell are they to determine whether a request is frivolous. Civil servants need to start doing their job

      1. Cian

        I’m glad you’re happy that our civil servants should spend their time doing frivious work.
        I think it is sensible that anyone seeks clarification before undertaking a job.

        1. Ron

          I wouldn’t call FOI requests frivolous work, and maybe if the state was more forthcoming in how it operates and does business, people wouldn’t have to be submitting FOI requests to ascertain whether the state has been fair and accountable in its dealings.

          So yes, civil servants should start actually working and doing the job they are supposed to be doing and not constantly looking for excuses as to why they shouldn’t do work. There’s a reason why they call working in the civil service a cushy number.

  3. RT

    Luke Silke, prominent media contributor for the pro-life side?

    Wonder what angle the FOI request is taking then!

  4. Truth in the News

    The FOI request needs to be pursued , why should we not be given details
    of all the correspondence between the owners of the media and the Head
    of Government, and the excuse that it would take a month…..really and Mr
    Silke is entitled to his opinion on matters concerning the right to life

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