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  1. eoin

    Aoife might post her ad in the Mosney DP centre. The last time I was there, there were a couple of hundred cars, most of which were the Opel Zafira type mini people carrier which might be suitable.

    1. Batty Brennan

      Good plan. Mosney to Galway city is a 6 hour 500km return trip. You’re volunteering, I take it?

  2. A Person

    Seriously is this a real post? I can’t get to work, can I borrow a car? Please?

    1. Batty Brennan

      Shocking. A woman volunteers her time to give some kids a day out. Some people have such a sense of entitlement, ha?

      1. Pavel

        Very helpful. I’m sure my insurance company would love to know I loaned my car to a stranger to drive some teenagers around for a day. If the twitter poster clarified they had their own insurance it might help find volunteers, no?

        1. Batty Brennan

          Does your insurance policy specifically exclude cover for drivers who take teenagers out for the day?

        1. Batty Brennan

          You’re clearly highly perceptive, Millie.

          Had Pavel suggested that Aoife mention that she had insurance cover in order to garner an offer of help, I’d have thought well of it. Instead, he pushed out the tired old trope “Have you insurance for that?” which triggered my cynicism sensor.

          1. millie st murderlark

            I’m not as stupid as I let on, you know.

            Somewhere underneath my Jessica Rabbit exterior is a brain. Thank you for being the one who noticed

          2. Batty Brennan

            Sorry Bert. I was hoping the pint might lift your spirits after such a traumatic let-down, not make you all maudlin. :(

  3. Bebe

    I would have thought BS readers would have fallen over themselves to help – thankfully ppl in Galway have stepped up and supported Aoife who could not afford to rent a vehicle without such assistance. Well done to Aoife and the generous ppl who want to help.

    Hope you all have a terrific day out !

    1. Rob_G

      I’m some internet rando, but I need to borrow a car for charitable cause – when can I come and pick up yours, please?

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