What’s not to love?

More importanly…

…Were’s Cllr Dan?

Event centre latest: Everyone committed to resolving ‘remaining challenges’ (Echo)

15 thoughts on “Corkbuncle

  1. george

    Well they can put that carpark underground for a start. Other than that I don’t see much to complain about. Do they want it designed as though it was built in the 19th Century?

      1. George

        Using that space for a single story outdoor car park is very inefficient

        Does this part of the river have a history of flooding? If so, they could also relocate it elsewhere whether underground or multistorey. All that is needed at the new building is a few disabled parking spots.

      2. Paulus

        The Glasshouse Hotel in Sligo is in a very similar position on the river Garavogue which is also tidal.
        The hotel has TWO large levels of car parking underneath.

  2. Peed Off Irish

    I’m all for an the event centre but that is a vile looking building and would destroy the area. There’s a reason why it was made look horrid and that’s to stop it from materialising. They can forget putting more student accommodation in its place which was more than likely the original plan

    1. george

      What is vile about it? The screen on the other side shown with rugby on it is vile, I will give you that much.

  3. McVitty

    Love the brutalist aesthetic – the architect must have went to UCD and never wanted to leave.

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