You May Like This

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Dashoda – In Between

The debut single by Wexford-born musician Gavin MacDermott (top) is a melodic blast of introspective electro pop with a mandolin solo proudly peeking out from beneath the beats.

The video by Conor Donoghue was shot in Dublin’s St Anne’s Park (Gavin’s granny used to live around the corner).

Gavin says:

“I was inspired by the onset of adulthood.”

Nick says: It’s a walk in the park.


4 thoughts on “You May Like This

      1. Slightly Bemused

        Certainly feels like it.

        The seven stages of life:
        Onset of Infancy: a bump in your mammy’s belly
        Onset of Toddlerhood: able to hold yourself vertical
        Onset of Childhood: a benign bone gnome pays for your teeth
        Onset of Teenagerhood: hairs in embarrassing places
        Onset of Collegehood: Student Loans
        Onset of Grownuphood: Mortgage payments
        Onset of Geriatrichood: Fair Play deal to sell the value of you student loans and Mortgage arrears so you get to watch daytme TV every day

        I am told you become an independent adult somewhere in there


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