Stack ‘Em High


How many?

Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

Silas Lima has two properties currently for rent at 37 Kings Avenue and Dorset St both 2 bed properties with current tenants but vacancies for 10 people. Why are you allowing this [Minister for Housing]  Eoghan Murpohy and Fine Gael have brought the tenements back….

6 thoughts on “Stack ‘Em High

  1. Mr.Fart

    genuinely, murphy would look at this and think “great. well thats 10 people with somewhere to stay” .. in general, FG people would look at it and 100% just not care at all. Doesn’t effect them; don’t care.

  2. Jésus

    This isn’t even close to the worst you’ll see on some of the house/flatshare groups on Facebook. There’s routinely rooms posted with 3x individual bunk-beds in the same bedroom (i.e. sharing a room with 6x people and the overall property with dozens of others, possibly).

  3. eoin

    I wonder what Raychel O’Connell at has to say about this ad.

    When the Sunday Times uncovered the shady side to earlier this year,’s marketing and communications manager. Raychel was quoted as saying

    “we are committed to continually invest in our product to ensure that our users have the best experience as they search for their next home”

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