24 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Holles Street

    1. dav

      why not millie? their presence there is to intimidate pregnant women trying to access medical services

    2. theo kretschmar schuldorff

      Was beeped last year by a pair of old ladies in a car plastered with Love Both stickers, while very obviously taking a toddler out of the car on a narrow street.
      This lot only love & pray for you until you become a real person, and the presumed enemy of unreal persons.

  1. B9Com From No

    Needs more baby coffins

    Surprised you guys don’t cover more Joe Duffy stories tbh. There was lovely repartee on there last week about this. An extraordinary chap from Mayo who had lost twins called the baby coffin mob out on their BS. Almost worth paying the license fee. Still it was Katie Hannon not himself.

      1. B9Com From No

        That’s true. It’s a lot less galling though.
        He’s actually calmed down a lot.
        Used to be a lot more aggressive and personal.
        Now seems a bit more resigned to it.
        Still the €400k/yr must be some consolation

  2. missred

    Unless you’re an obedient child bride who spits out ten kids before she’s 40, these lot will always find fault with something to do with motherhood and pregnancy

  3. Slightly Bemused

    ‘Eugenics Death Camp’? Hyperbole much?

    If their and related organisations showed a whit of care for children after they are born I might care about their views. Every life does matter, but when taking a pregnancy to term merely because it is there, even if it is know that it will die at or shortly after birth only ruins the life supposedly saved, and that of the mother plus her supporting friends and family.

    And, it has to be said, what about Savita’s life? That did not matter, in the end of the day, under these blinkered rules.

    If they can protest there to the detriment of those trying to enter for whatever reason, does that allow me to counter protest with rotten fruit and eggs?

    1. B9Com From No

      I watched the great Louis Theroux face up to the Westboro Baptist scum last night. If only we had even one journalist here of that calibre who would interrogate these halfwits. No matter how aggressive or obtuse the respondents Louis just keeps going back calmly.
      A masterclass.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      On the last point – everyone is entitled to protest we know. If their choice of protest location causes upset to expectant parents, bereaved parents and pre- and post-abortion patients, shouldn’t they be asked politely to carry out their protest elsewhere? I can imagine passing this lot on the steps would be deeply distressing to people availing of obstetrics or postpartum care.

      1. Slightly Bemused

        That is my point, although I have heard that they have been asked to back away, and refuse. As they display such a medieval approach, perhaps another medieval approach would help

        1. B9Com From No

          There were some reformed westboro former congregants on Louis’ show.
          Interestingly one had been persuaded to change her mind by earning respect for people who argued with her on Twitter. She literally did begin to have respect for their feelings and differing points of view.
          I found that insight very, very compelling.

  4. eoin

    Charles Byrne, second from right, last pic, is someone on a crusade and not always in the company of the most pleasant people.

    1. Peter Dempsey

      Any pro-lifers I know are all involved in Meals on Wheels, St V de P, Lions Club etc. So yeah, a reasonable track record

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