Tricky Leaks


Last night.

Prime Time on RTÉ One.

Emma Kennedy of Kennedy Analysis explains the amount of water that will be recovered through fixing leaks in the coming years will be offset by the projected growth in Dublin’s demand to the consternation of Independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice (top).

Shannon pipeline not needed if Dublin water leaks fixed, study claims (Irish Times)

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13 thoughts on “Tricky Leaks

  1. eoin

    #1 , that’s a pic of Deputy Michael Fitzmaurice who isn’t the subject of the article
    #2 Mick C’s point is Gerry Grant of Irish Water *didn’t* debate with sharp-as-a-button, Emma Kennedy
    #3 So, don’t say “Emma Kennedy of Kennedy Analysis argues with Irish Water MD Jerry Grant….”

    And if IW is wasting 50% of our water in Dublin through leaks, that suggests Dublin’s population would need double from 1.4m to 2.8m to offset repairs to the leaks. I think, as we can see (and smell!) from Irish Water’s handling of pee and poo in Dublin Bay these jokers don’t have a clue, so, their big oidea of taking water from the Shannon and piping it to Dublin should be scrutinised and challenged to shreds.

      1. eoin

        In fairness, Michael Fitzmaurice has lost a lot of weight recently and there’d be many who’d double-take to confirm it was him.

        1. Ron

          Doubt he is as sick as the dying women in the cervical smear scandal given a death sentence by Harris and Varadkar.

  2. Truth in the News

    Would it ever be that the need for an additional pipe supply from the Shannon to
    Dublin is that it ‘s needed to dilute the current discharges into Dublin Bay rather
    than to supplement the existing leaking network, as in a case in Co Sligo a
    sewer outflow discharge from a Town Treatment Plant is being pumped several
    Miles directly into the Moy rather than into a stream beside the existing plant, it begs
    the question if the plant was effective surely the outfall would meet the criteria
    that it could spill into the stream beside the existing plant, is that, Irish Water
    are using the waters of the Shannon and the Moy as the dilution factor and avoiding
    the expense of proper tertiary treatment…..Phil Hogan started Irish Water and
    ran away, its time they were abolished

  3. Dhaughton99

    Could spend that money fixing the paths and roads that they tore up and never repaired correctly when they tried to do the meters.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    And of course Mr. David Rté tries the usual ‘even if this, even if that’ in a veiled attempt at discounting Kennedy’s studies, and he failed miserably.

  5. A Person

    Who’s going to pay for fixing the leaks? Those paying taxes as opposed to the peaceful protesters.

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