The Irish Abroad


Hong Kong.

We’re renovating that city.

Donncha O’Brien writes:

I am working as an architect in PMDL, an Australian architecture firm in Hong Kong. Recently we completed a project in the city.

It is a handsome renovation of an old tenement building on a prominent corner in downtown Hong Kong.

What may be of interest is that the project had  three Irish designers/architects working on it – Simon Fallon, myself and Darren Snow.

We recently collaborated with the fantastic YouTube channel Never Too Small and they produced a great short video (above) of the project starring Darren.

The project has been getting great feedback locally, and now, because of the video, is being appreciated by a wider audience. It’s currently on 407,000 views after 2.5 days of being published. We wanted to share a story of some Irish emigres done good!

In fairness.

PMDL Architects

13 thoughts on “The Irish Abroad

  1. Optimus Grime

    Some architects want us living in what I did here was lash in windows all over the place to let light in and god forbid you want a duvet day or walk about in your jocks because half the town will be gawping in at you!

  2. David Higgins

    Fair play guys.

    Imagine if this was in Ireland.
    There would be a Twitter mob after them for profiting from co-living.

  3. LeopoldGloom

    There’s more counter space there than there is in my relatively large 2 bed apartment.

    Apartment design here is shockingly bad. Just boxes. No thought to how to maximise storage, separate living area from diing and kitchen area properly. No natural light in at least half the apartment.

    We should be looking at 3-4 bedroom apartments, well designed, natural light, with loads of storage inside but also communal/shared/outside storage on a separate floor for residents. It’s a complete no brainer.

    I stayed in an apartment in Seoul that was smaller than my own, but felt huge. It was fairly open plan, but the rooms flowed a bit better, everything seemed separate. It was designed for living in and there were places for all the things that people would have.

  4. McVitty

    It is better than co-living but 1-bed condos are generally like this. Some have pull-down beds. It’s a nice way to live as a single person for a period of time but at some point it becomes a cell with mod cons. Why we have them? Largely because they are more profitable for developers. I suspect this is what the “shoe-box king of Singapore” asked Alan Kelly to legislate for. What you invariably end up with is couples living in these situations.

    What I would say is; there are shortages at the moment and it would be handy if the state funded the construction of these types of developments for young professionals on a means-tested “affordable rent” basis as part of the national stock of housing.

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