You Can Check Out Any Time You Like



Good times.

Murphy rows back on claim co-living spaces are like ‘trendy boutique hotels’ (Newstalk)


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  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    PoshBoy is completely devoid of clues and no concept of life in the real world. These “coliving” tenements could gain a level of acceptance if they weren’t being charged at boutique hotel rates for something that’s basically your own cell in an open prison.

      1. Kirkbadaz

        Liberal”Look at these terrible conditions in Soviet dormitories.”

        Neo Liberial”fools gave them away for free”

  2. martco

    I used to work with so-called project managers in one particular large company & they remind me very much of Minister For Nice Folks From Ranelagh there.

    Literally making things up as they went along & spun all sorts of lies, rubbish & confusion to get thru in an attempt to fool customers & their upper managers. The engineers used to carry bullsht bingo cards to project meetings & would invariably fill them well within the hour.

    What an utterly disingenuous privileged spoofer (just like his boss)


    1. SOQ

      Loved the oul bullploppy bingo- we even had prizes- is there an updated version these days?

      In fairness that was just for software sales men / women- used car in a previous life etc.

      1. martco

        oh bound to be one, I’ll have a look

        but see what’s interesting here is that, as you said, bs bingo was really based around the puke-inducing lingo so favoured by sales & marketing tools….but it still aligns well because that’s exactly what likes of Murphy & Varadker are – salesmen

  3. diddy

    Lets give him the benefit of the doubt and build 6 of these glorified hostels. the last one refused planning was on the outskirts of Dublin one and two they might makes sense..tallaght no.

    what’s more these are housing solutions for yuppies and nobody else. will this free up or cheapen bedroom let’s in around Dublin? probably not. therefore coliving is just another step on the road of dysfunction and more profit for less space for developers.

    1. Kirkbadaz

      Cept they won’t end up being for yuppies, it’ll be single people getting HAP. again lining the pockets of developers will public money.

  4. scottser

    Co living would be fine at 500per month. If this clown was serious he’d introduce rent caps and keep a lid on inflation. But that’s not the blushirt way, them poor got a lot more poorer to get

    1. SOQ

      In fairness- you have to admire the brass neck, mainly because the leading opposition is Mehole- clinging like an angry cat down a plate glass window.

      *smokes fag in an enclosed space*

  5. :-Joe




    Greetings BS readers, thanks to a joint project with our Chinese(funding), Japanese, Indian and African cousins I am contacting you from the new secret base looking outward into the solar system from the MOON!!

    We have great internet up here and the first thing I opened up was BS (obviously), but I was taken by the post I first read and felt the need to reply asap…

    It costs 10,000 bitcoin a minute for internet and I only have 5mins of oxygen and 25% sun shield so here goes…


    The tone of his voice, the mannerisms, the attitude, the complete incompetance…

    Focusing on 1% of a fantasy idea of 21st century tenement living for primarily the hoodwinked generation of foreign employees of the pseudo-fdi ‘murican silly-con-job flat-valley(about to be no more) myth.. Another tax break for a bunch of corrupt corporate thieves.

    Instead of focusing on the 10,000 homeless and everyone else suffering, including the middle class who are doomed, all the way up to his establishment party for the top10% and upwards class.

    For RA’s sake, the poor used to be necessary by this lot to remind the middle class that if they don’t get out of bed in the morning and keep grinding like crazy then one day that’s what you will become, and guess what? IT WORKED. PERFECTLY. However, now that the corporate west has sucked almost everthing and everyone dry, the poor now includes most of the middle class.

    Just look at his twit feed, it’s insane…

    Not one single real image without his android-like pretensiously daft posing for his own ego and the brainwashed and deluded 60%-ish of voters for the F-f/g party and who then follow him around virtually or otherwise, like pre-pubescent fanatics at a 90’s boyzone event.

    He looks more ridiculous than zuckerderp facing up to the judiciary for being a corrupt bare-faced lying scumbag malevolant fake robot -literally accelerating genocide half way around the planet.
    -Look up Rohinga facederp if you don’t believe me..

    It’s psychadelic facism…. but he’s only the low hanging diseased fruit and you are all swallowing it wholesale like it’s rarified on short supply…

    BTW: A.I. is a complete farce, there is no intelligent computer AND THEIR WONT BE FOR DECADES TO COME… It’s all just brute force data processing like a factory sorting machine….. and mostly anything clever is copied from actions by humans pressing buttons unwittingly on their smartphones… You are the A.I they keep talking about that’s artificially intelligent.

    A.I is all just another nonsense, double-speak, mind-shaping, coercive, distraction to keep you all busy and not paying attention or aware of what you need to be paying attention to and then doing something about….


    I think I’m running out of bandwidth?…. or is it oxygen?.. stupid Chinese symbols…


    [ END TRANS….
    MISSION ]Aaaaaarrrgggh…….

  6. DB

    It’s the same craic with the student accommodation developments that are springing up all around Dublin… What students can actually afford the 1,200 pm rent. Anecdotally I’ve heard that there’s very few students living in them…it’s mainly tech people …glorified bedsits. Good times.

  7. SOQ

    We can all be shocked at the scary prices charged for this sort of accommodation but the plain fact is- if there is demand then there will be supply. And, it is certainly a step up from 4-6 to a room kips at half the price- I know which I would choose. This is all a symptom of how dysfunctional the housing market is but Murphy just rubs people up the wrong way with his trite blasé attempts to normalise it- while also, clearly doing frig all to address the issue.

    What I really don’t understand is why international companies insist on setting up in a single square mile in one part of Dublin when everything is cheaper and more freely available elsewhere. I don’t know what it is like south of Dublin but north, meaning Drogheda and Dundalk, are finally starting to pick up. Both have had a number of new international companies setup recently and it is pretty safe to say that both the range and quality of potential long term employees far exceeds anything that would have been available in that square mile.

    And that is not even thinking of the health benefits of much less pollution.

  8. Ron

    So what’s everyone gonna do about it? Vote for him and elect him again. is what the dimmer than Varadkar Irish electorate will do.

    Again coming on here and feigning your anger online and voting for them in the secrecy of the ballot. FFS its patethic. When did the Irish electorate sell their dignity?

    1. millie st murderlark

      Oh, of course. Pathetic ranting and raving like you do so well, Ron? It’s a great look on you, all that impotent rage.

      1. Ron

        I see my comment triggered you. Sorry old man. The truth is hard to accept. Get your dignity back. there is still time. But whatever you do, don’t forget your angry face emojis to let everyone think you care.

        1. millie st murderlark

          And yet no actual comeback. You’re just a hypocrite. All bluster, no balls. Just another thick Irish paddy like the rest of us.

          1. some old quare

            thick Irish Patricia if you don’t mind? I have transitioned

            I am also first and first most an electrical engineer.

  9. Pajo

    Hey @bodger, where is the post about Ireland’s contribution to global carbon emissions?

  10. Eoin

    Well I guess they need somewhere for the new imported underclass to live within commuting distance of their low wage jobs.

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