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Soda Blonde – Swimming Through The Night

Readers, behold the headliners of this weekend’s KnockanStockan festival.

Out of the ashes of Little Green Cars have arisen, Phoenix-like, Soda Blonde. Containing four of the same members, this is a wonderful way to kickstart the new project.

Singer Faye O’Rourke (top) is front and centre and produced the stylish dreamlike video (directed by Adam O’Regan) full of startling visuals. Midnight Tai chi anyone?

Nick says: Not drowning but waving.

Soda Blonde

5 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. class wario

    can we take it the one fella from little green cars who isn’t part of this new venture was a bit of a nob then?

  2. B9Com From No

    I watched it again and I have to say I really like
    Great vocals, lyrics and top production, real talent here
    I still want to know why they took her sausages though?
    Faye, or Adam, if you’re reading I need to know ..

    Love the David Norris character

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