A Nation Stumped


More felling?

BearYear writes:

Clare County Council did this outside the local library [Harmony Row, Lifford, Ennis, County Clare]…disgusted. They said the trees blocked light to the next building…which is Clarecare a private health company. FFS…


Friday: Over 7,000 trees felled by local authorities in 18 months (Irish Times)

Thanks Irish Wildlife Trust

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16 thoughts on “A Nation Stumped

  1. some old quare

    A mate of mine is a tree surgeon who takes it all very seriously, he goes on training course on new ways to cut- layering the underneath, thinning out the top, perm and a few highlights etc.

    There was absolutely no reason why those trees could not have been styled to grow upwards AND let light into neighbouring windows- if they had to have employed a professional.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Typical Clare. Constructing a building so close to the trees. They did something similar a century ago, building Bunratty Castle right beside a motorway. No cop on

      1. postmanpat

        More likely they were seeking ongoing compensation free cha-ching cha-ching for loss of light, earnings , fake, blah blah and what have you. The smarmy legal team sent in a legalese letter to the council demanding €€€€ a year and the council thought “screw it” easier to give the trees the chop and take their claim away. The council could have fought the claim using state solicitors but everyone knows state solicitors are useless idiots with no teeth. There’s always a slimy solicitor behind these things. They gave it a shot . what was the worst thing that could happen? a few trees get chopped down and the plebs get upset? It was worth a shot for free money and it didn’t work out. Corporate insurance /solicitors types have no souls , why would they care if a few trees got cut down? it was a free bet as far as they were concerned.

    1. Rob_G

      There is no ‘right to light’ (though if I were next door, I would possibly ask the trees to be pruned or whatever, too).

  3. class wario

    tbh I’m not really sure what the relevance of it being a private health company is?

    I have noticed a lot of this slapdash tree surgery over the country the past year or two, though. Surely it’s possible to do this in such a way that retains the general shape/character of the trees while also allowing for light in the affected buildings?

    1. Rob_G

      That would involve an ongoing cost of having them pruned again every couple of year; cheaper just to chop them down altogether, which is the argument that probably wins out, unfortunately.

      1. postmanpat

        What? A council worker would have to pick up a tool? in fairness that’s not what they signed up for. Get them sick certs in!!

      2. some old quare

        It is not “pruning”- it is shaping the lower part of the tree to allow light while layering the body into a balanced champagne glass style symmetry which encourages upward growth while strengthening the trunk.

        It’s done roughly once every 5 years and the results are very impressive. The entire tree mass moves upwards.

  4. bigx

    wish someone would do the same to Lawson cypress planted 14 feet from my house shortly after it was built.

    1. some old quare

      Ok well- the gay tree surgeons may be able to help? Depends on what style you are after- cypress tends to be a bit difficult to work with.

  5. Mr.Fart

    brute ignorance. has anyone ever heard of one positive story about the actions of a country council? they seem to just chop down healthy trees and block positive initiatives. never ever hear of em doing anything constructive.

  6. Clare

    Clarecare is not a private health company, it is a not for profit organisation, they provide support services to many vulnerable groups in the county. Do you know for a fact that they demanded a ‘right to light’. Is it not as likely that there was structural damage being caused by these trees?

  7. Elaine Haye

    Well that’s a total lie anyway. Mabs moved out in December 2017 and never complainEd about lack of light while we were there. I am the manager so I should know. We have not been in that building in 19 months. I would kindly suggest you delete your comment Sarah ASAP….

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