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This morning.

Drimnagh, Dublin 12.

Buzz O’Neill Maxwell writes:

Despite empty promises about consultation Dublin City Counci went in this morning and destroyed dozens of healthy trees in Brickfield Park…

What is going on?



More felling?

BearYear writes:

Clare County Council did this outside the local library [Harmony Row, Lifford, Ennis, County Clare]…disgusted. They said the trees blocked light to the next building…which is Clarecare a private health company. FFS…


Friday: Over 7,000 trees felled by local authorities in 18 months (Irish Times)

Thanks Irish Wildlife Trust

Spotted on Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4, at the weekend.

It follows reports that up to 130 trees may be cut in Ballsbridge and Donnybrook areas to allow for roads to be widened for the BusConnects programme.

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Thanks Edmund McCann


This morning.

Skerries, County Dublin.

Via Skerries:

Tree cutting in process at the moment on Church Street –  One has just gone outside Nealons, one is about to go beside the Coast and three or four more will go later today. The problem is they are breaking up the pavement. Local sculptor Shane Holland has been trying to stop them. He is asking for the Council to fix the pavements instead. He has chained his van to the one outside his house…

Skerries (Facebook)

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Yesterday afternoon.

Eyre Square, Galway.

John Gallen writes:

They’re felling an old tree in Eyre Square. The “crown” was dead and it posed a danger, said one of the feller fellas… bummer! :(

On a nicer note, they’re going to keep approximately 2 metres of the trunk stump to craft a sculpture from it… Yay! :)….