A Limerick A Day


Irish writer Colm Toibin has caused a backlash after telling  a Guardian interviewer: “I can’t do thrillers and I can’t do spy novels.”

A writer who’s widely adored
Has said that he’s always ignored
A book about crime
Which just wastes his time
And makes him feel sleazy and bored

John Moynes


11 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Lilly

    So many writers getting their knickers in a twist. Marian Keyes apparently calling him Maeve Binchy on Twitter. For Pete’s sake, do we all have to be “super excited” about everything these days. The man expressed an opinion, to which he’s entitled.

  2. B9Com From No

    It’s funny – in the same piece he was basking in the glory of not watching Telly or owning one either- while bemoaning that as a result he couldn’t watch Coco gauff in the tennis (he got her name wrong obviously)

    I was wondering to myself, how can someone so conceited and up himself be able to write anything of relevance? And who would read it?

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