A Limerick A Day


A section of the Grand Canal in Inchicore, Dublin 8 has been drained due to the partial collapse of a sewer.

Canals, you’d be tempted to think
Would not disappear in a blink
But a faulty storm drain
Which collapsed, may explain
What would make a whole waterway sink

John Moynes

Pic: RTÉ

19 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. dav

    do the canals ever get dredged? I suppose the build up of silt etc would be low compared to rivers, but I’m sure there must be a lot of build up over a period of time

    1. V

      There used to be a dredger docked there at the Harolds Cross Bridge
      So I suppose it was used from time to time

      1. millie st murderlark

        From what I know, the dredgers are hired out and brought to whatever location they’re required in, and then when the dredging is done, the machine stays in that location until the next job.

        This has been my (limited) experience so I could be mistaken.

      1. Rob_G

        True – you always see those magnet fishermen lads pulling up safes and knives and whatnot.

    1. Stephen

      Yeah I always thought canals were some engineering marvel, tis only a wee little ditch really

      1. Rob_G

        What I find mad is that one part can collapse and all the water empties out, and other the parts can go along as if nothing happened…

      2. Cian

        the same could be said of other engineering marvels:
        Great wall of China: tis only a wee little wall really
        Great Pyramid: tis only a wee little pile of stones really
        Suez canal: tis only a wee little ditch really
        Thatcher: tis only a wee little -itch really

        1. Brother Barnabas

          not many here know it but it was in 1961 when thatcher – then the relatively unknown MP for finchley – gave a passionate speech in favour of the restoration of birching as a judiciary corporal punishment that the young, entering-pubescence charger salmons felt his first mickey stirrings

          1. B9Com From No

            I would have thought his formative life experiences were at the Elm Guest House myself

            – in fairness this is why I get modded :)

    2. ____

      Yup, canal boats normally only have a draft of about .5m.

      The picture makes it look a bit shallower than it is, but canal are normally only about 1-1.5m deep

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