Straight Outta Conleth’s



Gangstas, blunts and Junior Cup semi-final defeats.


St Coinleth’s?

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38 thoughts on “Straight Outta Conleth’s

  1. Mark

    But sure everyone knows that. They’re a parody of rap, that’s the whole point. It’s a self-knowing joke.

    1. class wario

      It seems a lot of people try to defend these lads by vaguely alluding to it all being ‘parody’ or ‘satire’ without ever actually fleshing out the argument.

      FWIW, it’s not a very good defence to suggest these lads are ‘satirising’ hip hop itself: they just seem to be doubling down on the unsavoury parts while flowing extremely awkwardly over tesco value beats. Not to mention the working class cosplay and general mean spiritedness of it all. What exactly is satirical about it? When the legions of 18 year olds in bucket hats arrive at the 3Arena to listen to them talk about yokes or selling heroin to somebody down the flats, do you think they will be primarily enjoying this apparent witty deconstruction of the genre?

      1. Mark

        It’s a parody. But I should’ve added, it’s a not very funny parody. And yes it’s basically the middle class taking the piss out of what they perceive to be the working class. It’s hateful. But it’s pretty much the typical South County Dublin Private School mentality.

        1. class wario

          I just think that for parody or satire to be valid catch all defences here it should at least do something more than punch down for the entertainment of middle to upper class lads trying to co-opt the ‘cool’ parts of hip hop and working class culture for their own benefit. There’s obviously attempts at humour in their songs but I’d argue they’re still actual attempts at music first and attempts at humour second and the existence of the latter does not make something inherently satirical or wholly parody. And again even if it were, there’s no love for hip hop or inner city dublin here, it’s just mean spiritedness throughout.

          Damo and Ivor doing hip hop. The edgy Jedward. Two lads who’d be making EDM ten years ago and rock music 20 years ago.

          1. Mark

            Agree. But then having been to a South County Dublin private school I know that the mentality that exists is a mentality of real hatred towards the working class. They view them as subhuman. They’re going to punch down in general (exceptions exist) because they need too. The only way they can justify their privilege, and the fact that that privilege comes from economic exploitation of the working classes, is to de-humanize those below them on the social ladder. It serves a purpose for them, this ‘satire’, it firms up their identity.

  2. Luke

    They’re a comedy rap duo. Did people really expect that they sold brown and buried they’re faces in ketamine?

  3. Clampers Outside!

    Some people were taken in then.

    So it worked then.

    Doesn’t take from the fact they do a good live gig …after a half-a bag-a sneachtaaaa!

    Chill, have the craic like.

    Whatever ya think of them, the video for Ketamine is spot on, specially the drugs party ;)

  4. George

    They’re gobpoos but they are also a comedy act so this “expose” means nothing. The papers tried to do the same thing with the Rubber Bandits: “they don’t really have a horse outside….”.

    No idea how they sold out the Point but I am too old to understand.

    1. Jim

      Exactly, Dublin’s answer to The Rubberbandits; middle class schoolboys taking the piss out of the local scrotes (who probably beat them up on a night out). Nothing to see here.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Blindboy is of similar background, is he not… same same, different county

        1. Jim

          Yes. Schooled in Ard Scoil Ris, not a private school (not really a thing in Limerick) but serving a predominantly middle class hinterland.

          Over the years Blindboy has carved out a career for himself as a guy who seems genuinely interested in social issues and in the people he interviews etc. But he started out taking the piss out of Limerick skangers. They may not have been as offensive as Versatile though what with the ‘fat/black bi*ch’ stuff they have going on.

          1. class wario

            Blindboy has gotten very mawkish over the years but the Rubberbandits had a very obvious love for Limerick, were definitely closer to actually being satire and, well, funny, and were fairly decent at writing songs too. The two lads just come off as meanspirited, loud and extremely lacking in the actual rapping department.

  5. won't you join too

    The nuance hot thread box ticking wannabes on Twitter think they’re dizgoostin.

  6. Mr.Fart

    there’s a lot of crabs tryna pull them back into the bucket lately. true, they’re satirical, but even if they weren’t, no genre of music is exclusive to any demographic. anyone can play anything. thats one of the joys of music, it’s literally for everyone. and take a seat for this one, may shock a few, but … if you went to a posh school, it doesn’t automatically make you a bad person. it also doesn’t exclude you from any kind of music. some people went to posh schools, others didnt, it doesn’t matter.

    i did enjoy una mullaly gettin her knickers in a twist over their lyrics. she first came across them and sang their praise, because she likes to think she’s inclusive of everyone, even in by doing so highlights who she thinks isn’t considered equal. then she heard more lyrics and realised that she’s not able for rap lyrics after all. not knowing that all rap music is like that. and then calls them childish and lambastes their lyrics. that was funny. i enjoyed that. dope.

    1. class wario

      They are wealthy privileged young fellas, think they’ll be pulled back into an extremely gilded and luxurious bucket if any at all.

      What are they satirising exactly? Do lads roaring about brown and sneachta think it’s hilarious subversive deconstruction of hip hop? If they are, as suggested, taking the piss out of hip hop, is it not a bit disrespectful to the genre considering they are happy to profit off it? Anybody can make music as you say but it will be jarring to people invested in a genre of music rooted in the work of black artists to see two extremely privileged white lads rapidly become the most popular act of that genre in Ireland while showing zero respect or acknowledgement to the people who came before them. That’s before getting into the overt racist stuff.

      And yeah, a lot of hip hop involves lyrics of a sexual nature, some of it is even quite misogynistic. I reckon you’d be hard pressed to find much of it so overtly racist as that Versatile song doing the rounds though. I’d say you’d be doubly hard pressed to find something that tries to squash as many unnecessary syllables into that scheme too!

      1. Mr.Fart

        i get ya. i do. but i really don’t think background matters with music. maybe satire is the wrong word, i just think they’re doing jokey music for clowns. personally i don’t really like hip hop, mostly for the lyrics. theyre by and large, all sh**e, bangin on about havin money and women and a big flute and beatin everyone up. its just those 4 things over n over. it seems a genre of music where anything goes tho, you can say anything, and accompany it with a one finger salute to anyone who doesnt like it. i don’t think you have to go into hip hop and respectfully pay homage to its founders. i think its a genre thats open for all. those racist lyrics seemed heavy, but within it theyre self-deprecating, sayin they have tiny flutes. yea its racist to say that all black dudes have big flutes, but like, its rap. you can say anything. you can generalise, be offensive, whatever, its not like regular music. its totally open. people never got offended by it before, they love 50 cent etc., who all have heavily misoginistic lyrics, but not people are getting offended. its thrash lyrics thru n thru, so who cares if theres more?

      2. B9Com From No

        Who fupping cares?

        Less of the handwringing BS please
        It’s a nice couple of kids making kids music
        It’s none of of your or our fupping business
        Live and let live and tend your fupping houseplants

        1. class wario

          Is this the best you can come up with? Critically analysing culture and musical output is as old as the hills.

          1. B9Com From No

            You call your slobber here “critical analysis”?
            The lad who replied to you explaining why middle class scum need to do down lower class scum had a point – but to me who cares, it’s just a bunch of old lads pishin in a bucket giving out about young lads pishin in the road

  7. Ricky Noisable

    White people can’t rap.
    Eminem was wearing a mask.
    A white puppy, raised by wolves.
    We can’t blame anybody but ourselves.

    (I’m white. I can’t rap too.)

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