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Bono (left) and rapper DMX

Last night.

Speaking on N.O.R.E.’s Drink Champs podcast, [legendary New York rapper] DMX began to preview his new album. He’s got some notable guests, including Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Alicia Keys, and Usher. Perhaps most surprising was when he proclaimed:

“I got Bono — the U2 n***a.”

…the Bono song is called “Skyscrapers.” “Shit’s crazy. It got a Miami feel to it,” DMX teased.

Of Bono’s part he said:

“All muthafuckas need to do is listen to it, and we good.”

Fair enough.

No need for the language.

DMX Says Bono Is On His New Album (Stereogum)


Fairly convincing proof, in fairness, from actor and comedian Wes Tank that Dr Seuss lyrics work well as rap.

Here, he performs the progressively more tongue-twisting ‘Fox In Socks’ (1965) over beats from ‘What’s the Difference’ and ‘Let Me Ride’.

You (or indeed, your children) may also care for his versions of ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ and ‘The Lorax’.


They throwin’ down.

Rob Reeves writes:

Myself and a friend Michael O’Connor are currently crossing the United States making films and playing music. We are two Meath men making documentaries, comedy sketches, street interviews and vlogs.

We have produced eight episodes in the first ten days and intend to continue this rate over the next eighty days.

Our trip will finish in Los Angeles and we will document every up and down along the way. We have a YouTube channel each (“robplonk” and “moogleguitar”) and a joint facebook page “Artshakk Uploaded“.

I would like to share our most recent video (above) in which I document a local rap battle on Union Square, NYC…

Artshakk Uploaded (Facebook)