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They throwin’ down.

Rob Reeves writes:

Myself and a friend Michael O’Connor are currently crossing the United States making films and playing music. We are two Meath men making documentaries, comedy sketches, street interviews and vlogs.

We have produced eight episodes in the first ten days and intend to continue this rate over the next eighty days.

Our trip will finish in Los Angeles and we will document every up and down along the way. We have a YouTube channel each (“robplonk” and “moogleguitar”) and a joint facebook page “Artshakk Uploaded“.

I would like to share our most recent video (above) in which I document a local rap battle on Union Square, NYC…

Artshakk Uploaded (Facebook)


Decent Syrian Rap.

Kevin Jenkinson writes;

On the day of the 5th year anniversary of the  conflict in Syria, this is a video made by Ireland’s Concern Worldwide of Syrian refugee kids rapping in Lebanon.

Concern Worldwide

Syria’s allies and enemies after five years of war (Al-Jazeera)

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 12.33.05

Adam ‘Mylo the Cat’ Schleichkorn brings Bone Thugs-n-Harmony to Sesame Street with Grover as Bizzy Bone, Elmo as Layzie Bone, Cookie Monster as Krayzie Bone, and Telly as Wish Bone.

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Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 13.10.59

For Safer Internet Day (which is today) Emily Lynch writes:

You might be interested in this very catchy anti-cyber bullying rap by some young Cork rappers. Very catchy.

Recorded at GMCBeats Rap Workshops in Cork. Video by Damien Murphy.



Ireland’s China’s favourite New York standup comedian Des Bishop as profiled on BBC News 24 this morning.

Learning a language is all about immersion.

Come for the Beijing beatbox and stay for co-presenter Rico Hizon’s rap at the end.

You have been warned.

Dobbo better not get ideas.