43 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. Brian Hughes

    Hmmm… has straps and a sole. Some bare foot exposed. Sounds alot like the Penney’s sandals and ventilated shoes I see almost all women wear year round. Appears not to be a hygene issue then. If you are not customer facing or your office does not have a policy forbidding the style for both sexes I see no reason why not. I dare a company to ban the open shoe style for one and not the other.

  2. Christy Mahon snr

    Depends on the work situation. On a building site? No. Making a porno, fine.

    1. AFoxIndeed

      you have a point, I don’t want want to be looking at anyones feet while i’m in work. So if there is to be equality then yeah he can wear flip flops at work…. why he would want to I have no idea

      1. george

        Flip flops should be banned full stop. Sandals are a different story but wearing flip flops to work is just slovenly.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      That’s it in a nutshell. I have no issue with men wearing shorts, sandals, flipflops etc in work, they don’t do it very often anyway. If women can wear stringy sleeveless tops or floaty summer dresses and sandals to keep cool, why can’t our male counterparts wear less?

      Bit pointless wearing them with denim jeans though. The heat in those yokes! Wear chinos, man! Be kind to your manparts.

    1. scottser

      Gas thing is I’d kill for feet like that. I have a fascinating combination of fungal skin disorders that I like to collectively refer to as ‘mankfoot’. I could email you pictures if you like, your opinions would I’m sure be most helpful..

  3. some old quare

    So- in summary- the question is sexist.

    The look great with my daisy dukes actually, and I’ll be having none of your legs are too hairy and your balls are falling out if you don’t mind- or I will report you to HR.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      That’s a given for both men and women! Clean and shape your toe talons, hobbits!

        1. some old quare

          Janet cannot shave her toes while looking at you in the eye.

          Last time she tried that she looked like a camel.

  4. Iwerzon

    You should see the gnarly claws on my kebbs. Would scare horses they would. Socks and sandles it is then.

  5. Holden MaGroin

    No. They are a health and safety issue. Well that’s what I remember from my H&S training ages ago.

  6. V

    I think if I was ever to get a Crest Herald Coat of Arms thing
    It would have a flipflop
    Where lads have swords crossing and antlers and stuff

    As to lads wearing them to work
    Depends on the workplace and dress code I suppose

    Btw I’m posting this from 38,000
    Just over Charleston

    Great: int’it?

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