Cone Of No Shame


 NI Water said the flags were “erected without permission”  at the tower in Rathfriland, County Down following a “break-in” and the issue was reported to police

THE DUP’s Jim Wells has defended flags being placed on a water tower, saying it was “very tastefully done” and those involved have been admired for their “tenacity“.

He said the Union and Northern Ireland flags were erected atop the 110ft structure in Rathfriland to mark the Co Down town hosting a Twelfth parade.

Red, white and blue paint on top of the tower was also “refreshed” for the occasion, the MLA said.

DUP’s Jim Wells says Rathfriland water tower flags ‘very tastefully done (Irish News)

Thanks Colm Dore

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22 thoughts on “Cone Of No Shame

  1. Mr.Fart

    May the oul bag, dumped the DUP on top of everyone, just to stay in power, and sure now she’s gone, and everyone is left with these literal actual nutters.

  2. Cathal

    Criminal damage is now legal in the North If you get caught say the DUP told you to do it.

        1. missred

          Of course not Papi, but who doesn’t like a bit of a bunt in the back of a Cortina after throwing our lady an auld novena?

  3. martco


    take a good look all youse who want (& are willing to allow all of us pay for) a 32 counties

    fupp right off


    1. scottser

      that’s a fine ‘no’ you have there. you show great affinity with our northern cousins.

  4. Mike Ribble

    Exactly. Get a hard border up. Let’s double down on abandoning our fellow Irish citizens in the north to any and every type of British Unionist madness.

    This same approach to citizens also works great for housing and health too: letting those who are comfortable get more comfortable without having to be worrying about being dragged down by those in hard circumstances. National solidarity is for fools. That’s the key lesson of 1916, etc.

    1. postmanpat

      Nationalism went out after world war 1. People are just people. If those idiots up north want to kill each other over flegs then let them at it and keep them contained up there. If any of them ever grow a few IQ points they can move to real England in Great Britain or real Ireland down here and leave the childish backwardness behind them. The thing is, most of them, apart from hating each other, hate brown people too because they are all racist to boot and ROI and GB live happily along side darker skinned people. NI is 40 years behind on that, in addition to the ridiculous king billy vs the pope stupidity that started 300 years ago. The Catholics want NI to themselves , no protestants or blacks but they’ll cherrypick and want to keep the national health and social welfare because they are scrounging hypocrites when it comes to free money for doing nothing and know all he drink and smokes will put them in free evil brit national health funded hospital eventually.

  5. eoin

    Jim Wells, the staunch hard-line unionist, who even braved it to travel down on the train to the capital of a “foreign country” to join protests against the intro of abortion? The Jim Wells who made highly unpleasant comments about gay people and threatened to sue media outlets including those in the Republic, though there’s no sign of the litigation? That Jim Wells.

    The above display is in a village in Northern Ireland which most people couldn’t point to on a map. It happens each year around 12 July. Instead of being outraged, the better strategy might be for those of an Irish provenance to create their own holiday which celebrates the best of Britishness (and there is a huge amount that is good). That would take the sting out of this and create better harmony across the 32 counties.And yes, Northern Irish Water needs to take better care of its properties next year.

  6. Scundered

    Oh no, they’ve cunningly contaminated the water supply with protestantism and now the catholics will be converted!

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