Harcourt Street, Dublin 2.

Members of the Armed Response Unit, ahead of a briefing media in relation to organised crime. Gardai also displayed a selection of weapons seized since the establishment of the Garda National Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau (March 2015).

Name those ‘pieces’, anyone?

Leah Farrell/RollingNews


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24 thoughts on “Tooled Up

  1. postmanpat

    I hope they are careful putting those items back in storage. Seems like a simple task but you know the reputation the Garda have.

    1. eoin

      I just hope those two lads above keep a firm grip on their own firearms and don’t lose them out the back of the jeep on Harcourt Street.


  2. newsjustin

    Not to be a moan….but this isn’t Central America or Naples….I’m not sure it’s appropriate to have armed, anonymous gardai posing next to contraband just for the photo opp. What’s the message they’re trying to get across?

    1. B9Com From No

      Maybe it’s that we need to be tooled up for the wave of anti abortion terrorist murders to come, if the US experience is any guide

  3. Paulus

    PJ. set up the table with the blue cloth like a good man.
    Right away sur.
    And PJ, spread the stuff well out so it looks impressive.
    Right sur.
    And PJ, get the pull-up banners…where are the they?
    They’re in the boot of the squad sur.
    They’re in the boot of the veh-hee-kil PJ; how often do I have to tell ya?

  4. baz

    better that the Gardai would today instead show us a picture of Sgt Theresa Philips getting a P45 thrown at her for costing the hardworking taxpayers of this land €1.5m

  5. martco

    …since 2015?

    so that table is supposed to 4 years worth of gangster hardware they’ve seized? what’s that 5 or 6 per annum? for a whole country?

    yeah wow ok that’s really super impressive

    what’s this advertisement really in aid of?

      1. martco

        do ya not think for the purposes (whatever that is) of this stunt, if they actually had a few hundred confiscated guns in their possession that they’d not have had them piled to the ceiling in that photo for effect?

        yeah, selection of, I’d say you’re looking at about a 95% selection of there

        but sur let’s not get into stats, we all know how reliable their numbers are don’t we

        1. ReproBertie

          “I’d say” But you wouldn’t have an actual notion though.

          You’re judging the performance of the Garda National Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau over 4 years based on your interpretation of two photographs taken at a media briefing.

  6. eoin

    With an estimated €1 billion annual market for narcotics, is it correct that, since 2015 when this Garda-subgroup was formed, around €4.5bn of narcotics have been sold in Ireland, much by the Kinahan drug trafficking organisation.

    And remind us again, how much has been seized in that period in terms of street value of drugs, €183m, is it? Around 4% of the market? And how much cash has been seized. Surely, it’s more than the €10m (around 0,2% of the market) which the Gardai appear so proud of. And how worried is the leadership of the Kinahan DTO this morning as they live the life of Reilly in the (proper) sun in Dubai, courtesy of their state-level landlord and Irish racehorsing hero, Mo McToom?

    Yea, right Garda. You can stick lipstick on a pig, or a ski-mask and no-ID uniform on a Garda, but it’s still an oinker. Come back to me when you put the Kinahan senior management under pressure, or when you root out a few more (hundred) bent Gardai.

    1. postmanpat

      Tell it to all the squares in this country. the RTE show, Daniel and Majella go b&B’ing watching mouth breathing , mass attending, child communion going saps that all think drugs are bad and don’t question this phony war , the biggest lie of the late 20th century. An absolute waste of time and money , all it seems to do is keep guards employed. When the gangsters and police BOTH agree that drugs should not be legalized then you know something is seriously wrong.

      1. Pip

        Their only real challenge is what to do with all the cash.
        Back as far as early eighties New York (watch The 75, the story of corrupt cop Mikey Dowd) it was ‘we had two machines counting bills 24/7. The stuff was going mouldy.’

  7. SB

    I wonder if the preponderance of revolvers vs automatics was intentional of the gangsters, to ensure no cartridges are left at the scene, or if they just took what was available on the (very grey) market?

  8. Begorrah, The Dream

    Wouldn’t this kind of display of gunporn only serve to encourage some people?

  9. TooMuchTimeOnHisHands

    To answer the question:
    – Some sort of AK-47 copy, 2 of them
    – more than half a dozen Smith and Wesson revolvers
    – Smith and Wesson 459 automatic
    – an Ingram Mac-10
    – Beretta model 70
    – some sort of Colt 1911 .45
    – A Glock 27
    – Makarov PM
    – PM-63 submachine gun.

    Details, details, details…

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