Was It For This?


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on his first day at Number 10 Downing Street


Dave writes:

Are those bottles of Ballygowan I see on BJ’s desk?

What will tariffs be on Irish bottled water after a no deal Brexit?

Candid behind-the-scenes pictures reveal Boris Johnson’s pulsating first day as Prime Minister (The Sun)

Pic: Andrew Parsons

13 thoughts on “Was It For This?

  1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

    Someone on Reddit said that in the Houses of Parliament they rotate their bottle water suppliers between companies from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Not sure if they got the memo about Ballygowan being south of the border. Feck it, don’t tell them.

  2. AFoxIndeed

    he’s matching himself on tinder with the different phones in each hand..busy day indeed

  3. eoin

    Sure if Ballygowan (part of the C&C conglomerate) can extract water free of charge from Ireland and sell it as premium mineral water, why wouldn’t Boris think he can extract the urine from the Irish free of charge and think he can ditch the Good Friday (lodged with the UN, signed by Ireland-UK-US) Agreement. It’s what the marketeers might call a synergy of branding.


    Have any of our fearless politicians challenged C&C, Diageo [the British owners of Guinness], Coca Cola etc about their apparently free use of the main ingredient in their products (while, at the same time, Irish Water says we have to conserve water and Dublin is running dry).

    1. wearnicehats

      It’s been owned by a UK company since 1993 – firstly C&C who then sold it to Britvic in 2007

  4. jockey

    If anyone thinks this was a mistake, I’m afraid you’ve drastically missed how politics work. Leo Varadkar will be having a laugh with Boris on this move whenever they chat next. There are no mistakes when it comes to modelled photos of politicians.

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