Burying The Facts


Fr Gerry Young claims no children were buried in sewage chambers at Tuam

Catholic priest, Father Gerry Young recently claimed no babies were buried in sewage chambers at the former Bon Secours mother and baby home in Tuam, Co Galway.

Fr Young, from Greystones, County Wicklow, said:

“From the word go, I didn’t believe the story. I happened to have done a bit of study on how the church buried people. As soon as I heard this story about all these little bodies wrapped up on shelves, I thought, ‘Catacombs.’ We’ve always kept the dead with us.”


From The Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation fifth interim report

Historian Catherine Corless writes today:

“This (above) is what the archaeologists found when they first excavated the Tuam Home babies sewage site.

Two inlet sewage pipes which facilitated the flow of sewage into the chambers where the babies remains were discovered which caused some little remains to be forced against the wall of the chambers and, to date, one little digit was found compacted in the wall.

I do not mean to disturb anyone, but I am only quoting from the Commission of Inquiry’s 5th Interim Report on the Tuam site, and I add (for the non-believers) that neither Catacombs or an Ossuary would need sewage inlet pipes!

Tuam babies just a hoax, says priest (Justine McCarthy, The Sunday Times, July 14, 2019)

Mother and Baby Home Research: Catherine Corless (Facebook)

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20 thoughts on “Burying The Facts

  1. GetOut!

    Fanatics will believe what ever they want, irrespective of the digits found, or lack thereof.

    Just ask Zer Zappone.

  2. Brian Nugent

    This is a pretty complicate story and really requires a book to explain in any detail (which you can see here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/brian-nugent/tuambabies/paperback/product-24144588.html ), but also the diagrams (from the above book) at this link might be a help to those who are getting the geography of the site wrong: https://www.politicalirish.com/threads/o-doherty-and-brian-nugent-discuss-the-tuam-babies-case.31624/ .

    That picture with the pipes is of the cesspool (C.8) that you can see some distance to the North of the Ossuary (where they fond the human remains), these are two totally different structures!

    1. Kdoc

      You say that the ossuary, as you call it, was erected around the ’70’s / 80’s; have you interviewed any of those involved in the building of that structure?

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Nice shameless plug for your book. I think I’ll rely of Catherine Corless for info though

  3. Bonkers

    When you’ve got a dose of the Catholic shame its always best to deny facts in front of your eyes

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    Probably thinks the same about his brother priests who raped their way through communities.

  5. Brian Nugent

    No I didn’t get to interview any workmen involved in creating that structure, and I would like to, but I did interview a local person who says it is well known in Tuam that local workmen built structures like that for re-interring remains at the site.

    Well she is wrong about that picture, I will guess that facebook post will disappear off the net at a rate of knots because its a bit of a howler to get the two stuructures mixed up so much!

    1. V

      I tell you what is a howler Mr Nugent

      that someone would say that the finding in the former Tuam Mother and Baby Home’s then septic tank is a pack of lies

      or that another acting for the Bons Secours would answer So? when asked about the human remains already found there

  6. Kdoc

    It would be nice to hear from a primary source vis-á-vis the ossuary structure. It’s a little surprising that the architect(s) and / or workers haven’t commented in support of your argument. They would be in a position to put the matter to rest, so to speak.

  7. Brian Nugent

    This is the full text of the 2017 statement from the Commission (from pdf number 65 of the report), you have to read this carefully, a few times if possible:

    “Test trenches were dug revealing two large structures. One structure appears to be
    a large sewage containment system or septic tank that had been decommissioned
    and filled with rubble and debris and then covered with top soil. The second structure
    is a long structure which is divided into 20 chambers. The Commission has not yet
    determined what the purpose of this structure was but it appears to be related to the
    treatment/containment of sewage and/or waste water. The Commission has also not
    yet determined if it was ever used for this purpose. In this second structure,
    significant quantities of human remains have been discovered in at least 17 of the 20
    underground chambers which were examined. A small number of remains were
    recovered for the purpose of analysis. These remains involved a number of
    individuals with age-at-death ranges from approximately 35 foetal weeks to 2-3
    years. Radiocarbon dating of the samples recovered suggest that the remains date
    from the timeframe relevant to the operation of the Mother and Baby Home (the
    Mother and Baby Home operated from 1925 to 1961; a number of the samples are
    likely to date from the 1950s). Further scientific tests are being conducted.”

    Obviously they found “a large sewage containment system or septic tank”, that is feature 2, C.8, which Catherine Corless pictures, but they did NOT find human remains in that.

    1. Papi

      Carbon depletion in biological samples from anything younger than, at the very least, 100 years (300 would be better) have a plus or minus quotient of an optimistic 50 years. I’d not take RC results as gospel (pun intended) in this case. The remains could be 1920 or 1970 and anything in between. The science was developed in 1952 and this is considered zero in RC terms.
      Do you have a link to the actual certs from the report? They’d be in the appendix.

  8. Brian Nugent

    Note this also from the report (page 74 of the pdf), describing the Ossuary:

    “The limited excavations conducted by the Commission have not revealed the
    existence of a sewage delivery pipe/culvert; however, soil analysis illustrates that it is likely
    that the chambers were used for an unspecified duration as sewage tanks. If, after full
    excavation, no sewage inlet into the chambered structure is found, the likelihood is that the
    chambers were either never used for sanitary waste, or that waste was delivered into the
    chambers from the top.”

    Obviously this is a different structure then to the one pictured because that one clearly has pipes leading into it?

  9. Kdoc

    I have only read the Minister’s statement in relation to the Interim Report. From her statement it’s worth noting what the Commission found:
    “The Commission states that it is clear that many of the children who died in the Tuam Home are buried in the underground chambers. The report states that these chambers were not a recognised burial ground or purpose built burial chamber and that it did not provide for the dignified interment of human remains.”

  10. Truth in the News

    This site was redeveloped for housing in the early 70s where is all the mapping
    and site records, where are all the aerial photographs taken by the OSI for mapping
    in the late 60’s, even in 1963 there was extensive aerial independent coverage
    by Aeroviews and aerial photography by Monkey Morgan hardly missed Tuam
    Then there is Satellite Imagery both by the US and Russia of high defnition
    military quality, and which was acquired almost daily,, has anyone here had a look
    for it, as most of it is now declassified and available
    Almost a Thousand Children died in Tuam and they are not buried in the Graveyard
    across the road, where are they, there are also Diocesan records in Tuam, what
    do they contain, In Tuam there are the two values espoused by the Catholic Church
    they way they interred their own religious adjacent to the Cathedral and what happened
    to the Children, did they end up in a septic tank, if so then the Vatican has to intervene
    Otherwise the Catholic Church in Ireland will go under

  11. Shay

    I’d believe Catherine corless over any catholic priest
    She was a brave woman to bring this to light
    And go up against the mass going hypocritics
    Why are the authorities so slow to investigate the site
    There must be grounds for a murder inquiry at least
    This is in the public eye for the last few years
    I can’t understand something hasn’t been done by now

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