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‘Unbelievable’: New York Times slammed for front page headline after Donald Trump speech (USA Today)



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20 thoughts on “Fit To Print

  1. Dr_Chimp

    AOC is the coward. Happy to finger point at “white supremacists” while remaining conveniently silent on the violence of her gang of thugs, antifa. The OH shooter was an avowed far left radical. The TX shooter a white supremacist. Both are disgusting.

    1. Joe Small

      Listen, if its shown that the Ohio shooter was acting out a left-wing fantasy to shoot people in Dayton I haven’t seen any evidence yet. Its not sufficient to simply show he’s a Democrat voter with left-wing views. I’m not sure which ideology supports killing your sister.

      The El Paso shooter published a manifesto and travelled several hundred miles to kill as many Hispanics as possible. There’s less ambiguity there.

      1. Dr_Chimp

        There’s plenty of evidence out there to support that claim. If he was a right wing white nationalist maniac (like the TX shooter) the bar for what amounts to evidence would have been reached with his tweets alone. Perhaps his sister was a MAGA hat wearing pro life ICE/border patrol guard?

    1. dav

      in the US you can get a nine millie along with some advil for your headache
      “There’s still one specialty of some American pharmacies that Europeans haven’t dared to offer: the gun and ammunition department. I first encountered this in the 1980s, when I arrived for an academic meeting in Reno, Nevada, and sought a toothbrush in a large drugstore across from the airport. Upon entering, I was stunned to find a well-stocked firearms shop taking pride of place.
      The CVS/Caremark decision to stop selling tobacco products by October 1 reminded me of my Reno excursion, and I searched online for chain and independent pharmacies with Federal Firearms Licenses.”

  2. Eoin

    AOC is dumber than a bag of hammers. She’ll be gone next term. And at least one of the recent shooters is a far left, Antifi supporting fascist. US media needs to get off the partisanship and get back to reporting facts…before they end up in the crossfire of a civili war.

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