Broadsheet Trailer Park: The Day Shall Come


What you may need to know:

1. The only thing you need to know about The Day Shall Come is that it heralds the return of comedy eminence Christopher Morris, who wrote and directed this farcical comedy thriller.

2. It is unquestionably in the same wheelhouse as Morris’ last big-screen outing Four Lions (2010), about a crew of incompetent wannabe jihadists determined to launch a terror attack in the UK.

3. In the meantime, he has been directing episodes of Veep, while also co-writing the brilliant Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle, but mostly keeps a low profile.

4. Of course, he will always be best known for the still-extraordinary satire Brass Eye, whose “Paedogeddon!” episode was, at the time, the most-complained-about episode in British television history and even got raised in Westminster.

Doug’s verdict: Looks pretty akbar.

Release: October

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13 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: The Day Shall Come

    1. dav

      Collaterlie Sisters: And it was a rather cow-ey night for the pound: It stood at three point seven nine against the German Bordello, that’s up point five against the Portuguese Starling and down a hundred against the Biatch.

  1. dav

    Sylvester Stewart: Devon and Cornwall should have some fairly heavy and prolonged showers, a bit like jagged metal piercing old flesh.

    Chris Morris: It’s been revealed that the junior treasury minister Michael Portillo carries a sawn-off shotgun to constituency meetings, corners children in parks and chews their cheeks, and has frequent sexual intercourse with stray animals, claiming “As long as it’s got a backbone, I’ll do it”. That story we reported last week, and have since discovered it to be untrue.
    Episode 6 (23 February 1994).

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