Carlow Weather tweetz:

Status Yellow – Rainfall warning for Munster and Leinster

Heavy rain will spread from the south Thursday evening and night. Accumulations of 25 to 40mm will occur over a relatively short time period. Spot flooding is likely.

Valid: Thursday 19:00 to Friday 07:00


12 thoughts on “Incoming

  1. eoin

    Fair play to the European Center for Medium Range Forecasts, to Meteologix and to the Heidelberg University.

    Remind us again why we have to give €25 million a year to Met Eireann? Is it the €250,000 weather forecasters (excluding clothing and grooming allowances).

    1. ReproBertie

      “Valid: Thursday 19:00 to Friday 07:00”

      Sure as long as it’s only raining at night time we’ll be grand.

    2. millie st murderlark

      It’s gorgeous.

      Now put on your togs and get in that sea. I don’t care if it’s cold.

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