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Cookery author and vegetable enthusiast Roz Purcell unveils her limited-edition Vegan Box Burger available from Flavourville in the Just Eat Retreat at this year’s Electric Picnic.

Roz’s offering is just “one of the delicious dishes topping the Flavourville bill”.

Meanwhile, Just Eat waiters will be delivering at EP ’19 to Just Eat app users. Can that end well?

Photocall Ireland

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7 thoughts on “Picnic Grub

    1. class wario

      I imagine the percentage of people who avail of vegetarian/vegan food options because they find meat in and of itself icky is pretty tiny. I imagine most would happily eat meat if they could rid themselves of the ethical and indeed health concerns.

      1. some old quare

        Rid themselves of- why would they want to? And besides, ‘ethics’ are not concerns- they are principles- and conscience.

    2. some old quare

      Its about money Cathal- people will buy meat imitations so people will make it- and the more people by it, the more people will make it.

  1. Clampers Outside!

    If it is like there set up at All Together Now they’ll have a large seated eating area that you order from and they deliver to…. or that’s what it looked like, I didn’t avail of it.

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