From top: Garda Commissioner Drew Harris; Brothel Keepers; a campaign seeking safety over enforcement in the policing of sex workers.

Lucy Smyth, writes:

We (a collective of sex workers and allies) are beginning a new campaign today, calling on the Garda Commissioner to immediately adopt policing policy which prioritises the safety of people in sex work over enforcement.

We have produced a website detailing official statistics on brothel keeping and with an analysis of 82 cases (involving 165 individuals) of sex workers convicted of brothel keeping over the last decade.

We would like to especially draw attention to the summary key findings in our Analysis section here.

As of today we are collecting signatures for a formal group letter to the Commissioner.

We have written to the Commissioner today to advise him that we are beginning this campaign.

Kind regards.

Lucy Smyth, of (a member of the Brothel Keepers collective).

Brothel Keepers


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5 thoughts on “Dear Drew

  1. Termagant

    The vibe I’m getting from this Analysis page is that these people breaking the law are facing repercussions, they don’t like that, they find the repecussions unpleasant and they’d prefer not to face repercussions instead.

  2. eoin

    Isn’t an organised crime group now based in Spain?

    From the 2013 hearings at Stormont which led the North to criminalise the purchase of sex.

    “Who are UglyMugs? Have a look at the North’s inquiry into sex work which led to their criminalisation of the purchase of sex (in 2014, mirrored in the Republic in 2017).

    “Mr Wells: It is important that we establish the nature of I understand that your office is in London.

    Ms Smith: I do not have an office.

    Mr Wells: But you are based in London.

    Ms Smith: I do not want to answer any personal questions because of the security threats.

    Mr Wells: There are nine million people in London. I think that it will be reasonably safe for you to tell us where the office — not you, personally — is based.

    Ms Smith: There is no office for

    Mr Wells: OK, so there is no office. Who funds the work of

    Ms Smith: There is no funding. We do not have things like offices; it is a website.

    Mr Wells: You have a website, which is quite detailed. Who funds that?

    Ms Smith: A website, as you may know, is a very cheap thing to run. At the moment, I fund the website personally.

    Mr Wells: OK. Who is Audrey Rita Campbell?”

      1. martco

        very good..and how do you do that on Mac? bonus points if you can tell me how to screengrab

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