A Limerick A Day


Universities were able to engage in widespread rent hikes because new caps introduced by Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy (above) will not take effect until next week.

A minister had the intent
To limit the rising of rent
And while that sounds great
It kicked in too late
So it didn’t achieve what he meant

John Moynes


9 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. millie st murderlark

      Yeah. It’s almost like they’ve forgotten that students tend to be penniless, or if not that, funded by mammy and daddy.

      So that must be the key demographic. Rich people’s kids.

  1. Col

    Last line should be:
    “So ’twas the opposite way that they went”

    It wasn’t that the minister failed to keep rents down, he succeeded in pushing them up further!! Bit of an own goal.

  2. Cian

    I’m not sure if this is correct.
    This portion of the legislation was commenced on 15th July. The legislation “applies to every dwelling (the subject of a tenancy created not earlier than one month after the commencement of paragraph … for the sole purpose … of providing residential accommodation to students during academic term times under a tenancy “

    My reading of this is that any tenancy created after 15th August it is covered by the legislation – so the colleges will be in breech of the legislation if they increase the rent by more that 4%… but I’m not a lawyer.

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