Roaming At The Mouth


Three Ireland; texts sent to a Three Ireland customer by the operator; how the charge appears as a roaming charge on the customer’s My3 account

A number of Three customers have been receiving texts since yesterday telling them that they owe a certain amount for “Internet Services” and claiming that they’ve been “roaming” – when they haven’t.

Some of those affected couldn’t make calls or texts or access the internet after credit was incorrectly taken from their accounts.

The operator has responded to customers’ complaints about the matter and said it’s aware that some people have been incorrectly charged for data usage which should have been covered by their price plan allowances.

It has also said it is identifying those affected and they will be refunded – with prepay customers  refunded by 9pm tonight and bill pay customers’ next bills corrected.

Three Ireland Care

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4 thoughts on “Roaming At The Mouth

  1. pedeyw

    Three have been sending incorrect texts about internet allowance and credit left etc. to me for months. I contacted them via their online support and was told to “just ignore the texts”.

  2. Increasing Displacement

    Once again:

    Do not use this company. Terrible over subscribed service and the worst customer service you can come across.

    Cheap. I get it. But wouldn’t touch them with your antenna.

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