A police officer posts a flier at the Dusun Resort in Seremban, Malaysia today

This afternoon.

Police in Malaysia searching for missing Irish teenager Nóra Quoirin have said they are now focusing on where the 15-year-old was before she disappeared, including the house where she was staying.

They also said no footprints of the missing girl have been found at this stage.

Nóra, who has special needs, went missing last weekend after arriving in a rainforest resort about 70km south of Kuala Lumpur.

The search for the girl has now entered its sixth day.

Police to focus on house where Nóra Quoirin was staying when she disappeared (RTÉ)

Pic: EPA

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    1. Catherine costelloe

      It is not looking good , but I couldn’t help thinking of misfortune Jon Johnson who flew in to Dublin 8th February from Iceland and vanished without a trace in Whitehall area the following morning around 11am. ( apparently with thousands of euro in his pocket for a poker classic). It must be heartbreaking for his 4 children , his parents and siblings 7 months on. Shouldn’t the media be doing more? Or will he become another sad statistic like Trevor Deeley?

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