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Medicinal cannabis campaigner and author Vera Twomey went on Cork’s 96FM Opinion Line with PJ Coogan to discuss her book ‘For Ava’.

Fergal Barry writes:

PJ asked Vera “the question she was never asked before”. Hear her fondest memory from the last few years of struggle.


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8 thoughts on “Saving Ava

  1. eoin

    Will buy a copy later, I saw it in Waterstones yesterday but they were very busy with just one person on tills, looks well-written though it would benefit from an index, €15. It felt heartrending to hold the book that a Mum had written for her daughter in the circumstances. Well done Vera.

  2. Bebe

    Fantastic achievement Vera on behalf of Ava and many others – admired your stance at People of year ceremony – when you called out An Taoiseach whose careless attitude to your daughters plight left a lot to be desired. Well done Vera – and love to Ava – hope she’s doing well. Keep speaking out – we need people like you and Johnny Green on the opportunities for quality of life while struggling to cope with chronic pain and debilitating Illness daily! x

  3. Louis Lefronde

    Had a good read of Vera’s book. Shocking what that family went through, but not surprising given the sheer incompetence of the Department of Health, the HSE and the HPRA. Imagine it took the government 2.5 years to “setup” the Medical Cannabis Access Rogramme following the publication of the HPRA’s report back in February 2017…..?

    Me thinks there’s a fair amount of nose picking and ass scratching going on….and very little work!

    1. B9Com From No

      It’s not just that Louis
      It’s also because the usual know nothing self pleasurers are being “consulted”

    2. Cian

      Wait a minute. Vera couldn’t find a doctor in Ireland willing to endorse Medical Cannabis for Ava. There had been no proper clinical trials that would have supported her case. She was effectively asking the minister to allow her give a class A drug to her child – because she saw some videos on the internet.

      Imagine if I wanted to give LSD to my daughter because she is feeling suicidal and I’ve seen these videos on youtube that says LSD is an effective way to deal with depression. Do you think that the minister should approve this?

      1. Cian

        Sorry. I should include that I’m delighted for Ava and Vera that the medication is working so well – and wish them both luck. But it was a last-ditch we’ve-tried-everything-else solution.

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