On Sunday.

In Dundrum, County Dublin.

Gardai are reportedly investigating the incident.

Gardai investigating after horrifying video emerges showing alleged islamophobic attack teenage girl in Dundrum (Dublin Live)

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    1. max

      Soros Stage the incident, like look at the angle of the camera man and the government spy gull demonetising the pour chaps

  1. Shane Duffy

    The lads clearly did nothing here. Are they now guilty by association? If that’s the case we may as well shut down the courts and trial people on Twitter.

  2. Shane Duffy

    The lads clearly did nothing here. Are they now guilty by association? If that’s the case we may as well shut down the courts and have people stand trial on Twitter.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      “The lads clearly did nothing here”

      that’s not at all clear

      And even if they weren’t involved in the attack, they clearly didn’t intervene to stop it

  3. Qwerty123

    And they probably went to their council paid via HAP 500k house locally afterwards and had a great laugh.

  4. H

    Absolutely disgraceful, those poor girls must have been terrified and will probably find it difficult to venture out alone again for a while.
    Hopefully the Centre’s CCTV will have caught clear images of the attackers so they can be brought to justice.

    1. Ian-O

      Sadly that will amount to very little.

      Some people say bogus protests about being banned off a private company’s online platform have no effect on wider society. I wonder if this is related, wouldn’t surprise me at all.

      Meanwhile, a disturbed scumbag is probably in the middle of filming another bout of her emotional breakdown and calling ‘patriotism’ while having a good old snowflake cry about how she is the victimized one.

      Well done you scumbag, I hope listening to a young girl crying in pain and fear was what you wanted?

  5. Daisy Chainsaw

    The Gemmaroid was squalking about “burn all hijabs” the other day. Good job this “patriot” filth only threw eggs and not molotovs.

    1. Jeffrey

      This will be directly linked yes and it is very possible that it is linked. the video here however is pretty useless, cant see or make out a thing thats happening.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      “For all it’s sky high house prices” Seriously? Not all racist scumbags are HAP recipients. I’m sure Mom and Dad in skoy hoigh hiuses have raised little bigots too, roysh?

      1. Qwerty123

        Yup, I’m sure those girls in borts first link come from households that pay their way and and not some self entitled scum ‘locals’ complaining about ‘de forridners’

        Off studying theoretical physics or some such I’m sure.

        1. postmanpat

          Its the affluent parents in these areas that spout the casual racism and its their little darlings who pick up on it. Parents in Dundrum, and surrounding areas over extended themselves with 4 kids ,2 station wagons and are starting to realise there no real future for Oiseen , Siofra , Cabaiste and Fuinneog, college (x4) will bleed them dry and they will have to watch their kids emigrate to make use of that UCD Orts degree. They get frustrated dealing with brown skins serving them in the NCT reception area and shopping centre boutiques and wonder why “Siofra didn’t get the summer job instead if these foreigners only in the country a few weeks” even though they might have been living/born here for the last 20 years/ago and Siofra lied about handing out those CV’s in the first place.

          1. Lilly

            Get a grip Pat. This attack was perpetrated by the offspring of complete Neanderthals who can’t tie their own shoelaces.

          2. Bort

            I never mentioned HAP but I can tell you living in the area that the little scrotes knocking about Windy Arbour don’t go to Alex or Gonzaga. Not that the latter doesnt breed casual racism or d-bags but they do that behind closed doors.

          3. some old unicorn

            My view is that racism is more common in affluent areas like Dundrum than the likes of Tallaght because when you grow up with people of ‘difference’, you instinctively see beyond the labels- of the race- of the religion- of whatever other divisionary bullpoo you are being fed because none white people are more likely to live in the poorer areas.

            With this foreign driven far right propaganda- it is the middle not the working classes you need to watch.

          4. Peter Dempsey

            So basically racists are all middle class. Funny how the BNP and National Front had loads of working class in their ranks.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      I can understand why people didn’t. A vicious gang of teens throwing stuff and beating a girl on the ground? They’re the type to have a knife to go with the eggs.

  6. ReproBertie

    The attackers should be sent to do some community service in a mosque. Let them meet the people they are so afraid of and learn that they are just as human as the attackers. It’s ignorance that leads to suspicion which leads to fear which leads to hatred. There are plenty of people willing to cash in on this ignorance to spread lies and stoke fears with the ultimate goal of promoting themselves.

  7. some old unicorn

    Well- this is what was being called for now wasn’t it?

    That a young girl cannot safely walk the streets because of her faith is an absolute disgrace.

    1. postmanpat

      …because of her (parents) faith. Young people don’t believe in religiosity . not really , only stupid adults of all established religions. But people should dress whatever why they, (or their parents make them) want, without getting hopped on.

  8. I suppose

    The video shows nothing the twatter alleges.

    Not saying nothing happened, but whatever happened was not caught on video.

    More fake Nazis.

  9. Kdoc

    This attack is disgusting. It’s not so long ago that a young teenage lad lost his life in an attack in the same area.
    I’m sure the perpetrators find succour in the words of hate spewed from the mouths of of those who seek to sow division in our society.

    1. V

      I know
      Her fear was so desperate it would bring shock onto a stone

      I hope she got home ok and won’t fear the streets of Ireland again

      But this ignorant, vile and cowardly attack is down to the attackers parents/guardians
      Not what those thugs saw online, or heard from some unoccupied wingnuts, or even what they bravado’ d up between them

      It’s their parents and or guardians
      The households and families they are reared in
      And the parenting they have been brought up under
      They weren’t born this way

      I hate the expression Virtue Signalling
      Or reactionary and overt outrage

      But these teenagers should not be allowed return to school until they have been put through further and highly intensive *CSPE education and training
      And have developed the behaviourial trait required of all of us in a mature Democracy; tolerance
      Have it bate into them
      And their parents/ guardians

      It’s their parents and teachers that need to get a grip on this
      Not the internet

      *Civics Social Political Education

      1. some old unicorn

        You don’t know that V- you would be very surprised how clued in teenagers are these days- especially to things which might upset their parents. It may not even be coming from the home because even the term alt Right has a whiff of rebellion about it.

        Anyways, I have been following this quite closely and the one guy who is really standing out is Dr Umar Al-Qadri | Islamic Theologian | Chair of Irish Muslim Peace & Integration Council |Chief Imam & Mufti, Islamic Centre Ireland | Proud Muslim & EU citizen.

        This is the result of #hatespeech. Our children should be taught to be #compassionate and embrace #diversity. If we want to avoid such incidents where even children are targeted because of their individual identity, then we must all unite our efforts to end #hatespeech.

        We in #Eire must stand united against #fascism, #hate & #racism to protect the fundamental values #Ireland was found upon. The #1916 Proclamation guaranteed religious and #civilliberty, #equality to all #Irish citizens. Upholding these values is real #Irishness. #Ireland

        I used to be vigilant from #islamistextremists and #ISIS supporters and now will have to be vigilant from attacks by #AltRight #extremists in our beautiful country #Ireland. Ironically both extremists want to harm me because I disagree ideologically with their views .#FarRight

        Will he sue? I sincerely hope so.

        1. V

          You know

          Rather than look back
          And use words like hypocrite n’ stuff
          I’m just going to give you the courtesy of telling you
          That from now
          I’ll be calling you Forty Coats

          So night night Forty Coats

          1. some old unicorn

            If it is me you are referring to- no problem with the poles apart from that shower up around the German border- it’s the Lithuanians I don’t like. And, as a general rule- Italians.

  10. GiggidyGoo

    Have read somewhere that one of the attackers has been identified (and named) as a traveler from Windy Arbour. If that is true, then a lot of the jump-to-conclusion commenters here should do a bit of soul searching.

    1. some old unicorn

      Are they all travelers then? I doubt it.

      And even if it has nothing to do with the fascist rantings- the nett result is the same- people got hurt.

        1. some old unicorn

          This from someone who spent a Sunday trying to derail a convo on Belfast Pride because of a single ‘I love butch dykes’ placard and CIÉ’s anti racism campaign by attempting to associate it with immigration.

          You have history dharling- I’m calling you out.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Yada yada sou. Go back to that article. It wasn’t about your Newry Pride (yep, you got the advertisement once again),.
            For some reason you think everything is about Newry Pride. I think it’s about time you grew out of your childishness. Alongside that, you might try not to jump to conclusions, as you have in this thread, and then post multiple hashtags, as if they consolidate your position or magically get you noticed. Twitter, I believe, is hashtag country. Not Broadsheet.

            I see your tag partner has arrived. Funny how that occurs. And with an eye-opening comment that says basically nothing. The tag partner that reports comments because they hit home. The tag partner that changes name. Funny that – you change your name here too.

            So, soq, sou, or whatever you think might look good next week, the world doesn’t revolve around you or Newry Pride, yet you constantly come back to the same old mantra. You’re only making a shaw of yourself.

          2. B9Com From No

            I’m no-one’s tag partner love.
            However it IS abundantly clear you’ve never had your prostate massaged. In fairness.

          3. some old unicorn

            Bring it down why don’t you- the hashtags are from Umar’s own twitter account? I representing what was accurately posted. At the very least go read what Is going on before commenting. An Garda Síochána need to get their act together- before someone is killed.

            Also- rooms STILL available for prideinnewry.com.

          4. GiggidyGoo

            Yada yada. Grow up. The both of you. ‘prostrate massaged’. That’s a line you have brought out to a number of posters here. Is that the height of your ability?
            I made a comment here a couple of weeks ago that gay friends that I know well, would never associate themselves with what’s being peddled by a minority. They wouldn’t join the circus. And the reason? The immaturity, childishness, attraction to sparkly multicoloured worldly objects, is far what being gay is. The more you two post, the clearer it is.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        ROFL. Two-bit DJ gets treated like everyone else, and pulls her own micro-racism rant about the Irish.

        1. B9Com From No

          Commenter gets called out on being serial racist and then pulls her own megaphone out of her bottom cheeks

          1. B9Com From No

            I think you’re just about to log in as seal clap guy and clap yourself on the back for commenting

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Maybe join sou in the councelling session. The two of you could could graduate out of your childishness together.

          3. some old unicorn

            NOTHING justifies what happened to that girl on Sunday- do you agree?


            Make sure yo answer that under the correct profile name now vera.

          4. GiggidyGoo

            No, nothing justifies it. But please don’t forget your jumping to the racist conclusion either. That wasn’t justified either – do you agree?

          5. GiggidyGoo

            Just see your reference to ‘Vera’.
            Unlike you and others here, I never use an other identity here. But you’re prone to jumping to conclusions, eh? A real sign of immaturity.

        2. some old unicorn

          You obviously have a job but ARRHH on the internet is not a good look either.

          Have you considered career counselling?

          Have you considered just counselling?

          Have you considered- anything?

          Probably not.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Somehow, I think you may be the one to benefit from counseling. Time to be extracted out of your childishness don’t you think?

  11. eoin

    Per RTE News, Gardai are investigating the assault above but “are not treating it as racially motivated” and the Gardai are investigating a number of similar incidents around the same time in Dundrum.

    Remember what happened the boy who called “wolf”

    1. eoin

      “Gardaí have appealed for information after a number of incidents including public order and theft that occurred in Dundrum, in Dublin, at the weekend. The incidents, involving a group of male and female youths, occurred on Main Street in the town on Sunday afternoon. One incident involves an alleged report of assault on a female which has been circulating on social media…gardaí said this evening that while investigations are continuing, “the incidents are not believed to be racially motivated”.”


      1. Bort

        This attack might not be racially motivated, just thug/scrote related. The last 2 years in a row I witnessed teenage muslim lads fighting each other near Clonskeagh during the EID festival who had met up for an organized scrap. EID brings loads of groups to Clonskeagh and just like every disco, football match, concert, teenagers be stupid and be scrapping.

        Is there a huge wave of xenophobia in the Dundrum area? I don’t really think so, certainly a load of idiots – yes.

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