Give Regina Her Cards


Meath TD and Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection Regina Doherty

The resignation of Minister for Social Protection Regina Doherty, on foot of the very expensive Public Services Card debacle, is not “compulsory”, but it is “mandatory” if we are serious about the creation of accountable governance.

Jim O’Sullivan,

Public Services Card debacle (The Irish Times letters page)

Previously: House Of Card


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28 thoughts on “Give Regina Her Cards

  1. eoin

    Six days after she admits receiving the final copy of the report which revealed she is responsible for the illegal mass surveillance* of citizens, Regina has still gone to ground. No comment at all. Overpromoted failure of a businesswoman and politician.

    Not meaning to be patronising, but surveillance is “the systematic observation of aerospace, surface, or subsurface areas, places, persons, or things, by visual, aural, electronic, photographic, or other means.” That’s what the PSC card does in respect of “persons” by “electronic” means.

  2. dhaughton99

    Should have been gone for the 3 mil+ Jobs Ireland website, which doesn’t work or the 80 mil+ Seetec contracts with 4 percent success rate.

  3. martco

    can ye try to find some kind of sympathetic photo of Doherty to use in future please?

    every time you put up some post about some damage she’s caused all I see is Tubs outof League of Gentlemen.

    Please try to be more considerate to your readers, Yours etc.

  4. Bort

    Here’s a good one for you. If you want to renew your driving license online you have to book and appointment, go in get your pics done and wait for a week for your services card, then you can apply online. SO efficient!

    1. Cian

      4 million people have PSC [1] – out of an adult population of 4.2 million. That’s 95% of the population.

      So if you are the 19-out-of-20 people – you can just renew online. Hmmm. So efficient.
      If you are the 1-out-of-20 you could renew in person, book an appointment and get your licence. OR do what you said.

      [1] see all of eoins posts the last week

  5. Iwerzon

    Is this the same Regina Doherty that had the guards stop a woman journalist from boarding a flight because she didn’t like a tweet from her that morning? I supposed surveillance would have detected her quicker.

    1. Ian-O

      It wasn’t a tweet, it was a blog about stuff that actually went on with Regina.

      So she sicced some spooks on the blogger, just like a mouthy, stupid little scowl faced fascist would.

    1. Joe Small

      Why say “accountable governance” when “Government accountability” is a much clearer phrase?

  6. Prof.Fart

    she’s been unfit for office for a long time. she’s every bit as incompetent and dissmissive as the next FG TD. None of them get the sack, because it’s party over people. Varadkar has already said the cards are great and here to stay. You’d have to murder someone to get the sack in there. And only if you were found out in the first place.

    1. Ian-O

      I will say one thing for Reggy, she makes for fantastic car crash radio.

      Listening to her trying to sound like a mammal is hilarious. Gobby clown.

      1. Prof.Fart

        absolutely. and when she’s bang to rights, she reverts to the FG manual for women TDs; “make it a feminist issue, you are being attacked for being a woman. this is sexism”

  7. Truth in the News

    What is the extent of the PSC card database, who had access to it and by whom
    and it there a record of those who did and were not from the Dept of Social
    Protection, once this established, it it is time to bring a class action against
    the Gov for invasion of privacy, then we would see how smug Pascal’s pus
    would be then

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