35 thoughts on “I Went To The Doctor And Guess What He Told Me?

  1. Janet, I ate my avatar

    yoga in the rain
    seriously good luck to them,
    yoga actually stresses me out, I keep thinking there’s a billion other things I need to do, static meditation isn’t for everyone

      1. f_lawless

        Janet, that you get stressed by thinking there’s a billion other things you need to do, may be an indication that meditation would be the very thing of benefit to you if you, if you made a committed effort to try it. Just saying ;)

        Break free from the constant chatter of the mind for a while, clarity of thought etc.

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          appreciate the thought but I’ll stick to the running, I found what works for me :)

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Not for me either Janet. It’s nice that people have embraced the yoga spirituality thing – it’s the new religion – but I cannot understand why you would want to switch off your mind when it’s your greatest tool?

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        I switch off worrying a few km Into a run, usually have a solution by the end of it or just don’t give a toss anymore

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          It has its roots in spirituality and to sacred writings, it involves connecting with a higher consciousness, it supplements existing faith in the ethereal and there are a lot of folk preaching about it with the hope of gaining new converts.

          Sounds like a religion to me.

          Prefer Pilates meself (not Pontius).

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Friends I knew doing coke in the noughties are now doing yoga – and trying to get me into that too.

        2. Janet, I ate my avatar

          breath in through the nose
          now out through your bottom/haunches/rump/funk trunk..

  2. Catherine Vaughan

    Explains why all the flowers planted in the back yard died. People rolling around doing the feckin downward dog on them!

  3. Free Comment

    Dear Sir,

    I see nothing compares to lUlU (lemon).

    Yours, etc.,

    Paul Delaney

  4. The Jury

    I went to the Doctor and this is what she said,
    you better take it easy, you better get back to bed.

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