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Over 300 Irish Yoga teachers and Yoga business owners have joined together to launch The Irish Federation of Yoga Teachers.

Helen O’Dwyer writes:

Saturday is the official launch of Irish Federation of Yoga Teachers and, on that day, there is a full day of free online classes from independent teachers and yoga studios nationwide.

It is open for all teachers nationwide to join for free.

IFYT’s members range from independent yoga teachers, studio owners and yoga event organisers, all whom understand yoga to be an important asset that supports mental, emotional & physical health.

Many studies confirm the mental & physical health benefits of Yoga so the Irish Federation of Yoga Teachers is seeking to have Yoga deemed as an essential service during Level 3 of Covid19 lockdown restrictions.

Register here

Irish Federation of Yoga Teachers

Are you ready for the long stretch indoors?

Colm Walsh, at Yoga Dublin, writes:

My business is locked down (again) onsite – I am offering over 25 FREE online classes all Bank Holiday Weekend. Just log in (at link below) and let’s overcome the darkness.

I decided to give something back to the community this weekend, the Lockdown, the clocks going back, it’s all very dark – so let’s do some yoga and pilates to stay positive.


Yoga Dublin

Level 5 heroics to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marked ‘Level 5 Heroics’


Connemara, County Galway-based Yoga Mara, run by sisters Rachel and Hannah Healy (above), celebrated two years in business with class on a cliff edge in Connemara.


You don’t want to pick up a namaskar.


Suit yourselves.

Yoga Mara

At top: Yoga teacher and filmmaker Cathy Pearson; Michael Ryan (President Higgins’ meditation and yoga teacher) at Townley Hall, County Louth

Free this weekend?

Feeling supple?

Read on.

Helen O Dwyer writes:

This weekend the Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival goes virtual to a global audience from the beautiful Townley Hall in County Louth.

The festival is the brainchild of renowned yoga teacher and award-winning film-maker Cathy Pearson

This event is FREE and it takes the virtual experience to a whole new level with teachers, Gurus and Masters from all over the world including David Williams from Hawaii; Randall O Leary from the USA and Thailand; Sofia Araujo and Sebastian Bruno from Portugal; Peter Clifford from Australia and Michael Ryan, yoga and meditation teacher to President Michael D Higgins…

Register for free here

Celtic Woodland Yoga Festival

Pics by Gary Ashe

This afternoon

A nationwide campaign is launched to “resuscitate the Irish yoga industry” ahead of World Yoga Day this Sunday.

It is estimated that more than 300,000 people practice yoga regularly in Ireland.

Colm Walsh, of Yoga Dublin, writes:

The Association of Irish Yoga Studios was recently formed to get Ireland’s yoga studios back open, and to keep an industry that was thriving just a few months ago, viable in the future.

They are highlighting that the higher VAT rate for individual service providers has been erroneously applied to yoga studios which are businesses which have fixed overheads, running purpose designed facilities with associated costs, rates, insurance and staff wages.

Unlike yoga studios, gyms had their incorrect classification rectified in 2012.

Several yoga studios have closed permanently since April, and the Minister of Finance must act now to save the rest of the yoga industry in Ireland.

Yoga studios have never been properly VAT classified and this incorrect VAT rate is crippling them as facility providers.

Illustration by Andrew Kavanagh

This isolation season…

…why not get bendy?

Cara writes:

I created this website – stayhomesociety.com – to keep track of all the different pilates and yoga classes that are going on..

I found it hard to see whats going on day to day so created this and its proving quite helpful for people – its totally manual, wish there was a smarter way to do it but for the time being I’m just entering the classes myself every few days to keep it up to date!

I’m hoping to add fitness and wellness sections too! Maybe your reader will find it useful too!


Top pic: Audrey O’Connor

Free Friday?

At the Rathmines Collective in Dublin 6, at noon.

A FREE yoga class for children aged eight to 12.

OmKidsDublin writez:

“OmKidsDublin are offering a free kids’ taster class for eight to 12-year-old children ahead of kids’ yoga courses starting next week.

“The class will take place in Rathmines Collective opposite the Swan Centre this Friday 3rd Jan at 12 midday. Places are limited, call Claire on 086-8668650 to secure one.

“Happy New Year from OmKidsDublin.”


Rathmines Collective

Bishop of Waterford and Lismore Alphonsus Cullinan has said yoga is not suitable for parish schools

Bishop Cullinan’s crusade against mindfulness and yoga in schools is to be applauded – let the streets of Waterford and Lismore be spared the scourge we in Dublin endure of calm, mindful youngsters terrorising us with their placidity.

Yet this should merely be the first step in ridding schools of subjects that, as his grace notes, are “not of Christian origin.”

We inculcate our children with algebra and arithmetic, as though we are ignorant of these dark arts’ Sumerian and Babylonian roots.

Considering too geometry’s origins in classical Greece (you say pre-Christian? I say un-Christian!), one must conclude that all maths should be banned from primary and secondary education.

The heathen Greeks were also responsible for the pestilence that was natural philosophy, which – in its elaboration by the heretic, occultist and alchemist Isaac Newton – gave us classical mechanics. Thus, let us scrap physics.

Biology too must go, given its origins in a Humboldtian conception of science as separate from religion, while our Creationist brethren in the US and elsewhere have shown the fallacy of many so-called sciences from geology to archaeology.

I know from Bishop Cullinan’s valiant efforts in 2017 to discourage the administering of the Gardasil HPV vaccine to schoolgirls that he is with me in this crusade against science.

Were Herodotus and Thucydides Christian? Of course not – no more than Anaximander or the Imago Mundi. Thus we must ban history and geography.

We teach innocent children English literature, yet examining its development from the bawdiness of Chaucer, to the violence and licentiousness of Shakespeare, it seems clear that English too should be jettisoned from the curriculum.

What of our own native tongue? Tracing the origins of the Irish language back through Old and Primitive Irish, we arrive at ogham, inscriptions in which were (largely) non-Christian.

Ban Irish from our schools!

“So teach them practical stuff,” you say – “boiling eggs and darning socks.”

Phylogenetic analysis demonstrates that the origins of cookery go back two million years, far pre-dating Christianity. Sewing too is palaeolithic, while weaving is neolithic.

Free our schools of the un-Christian tyranny of home economics!

The only subject worthy of being taught is religion, though when the reforms I propose above are implemented, its teaching will be impossible owing to the lack of literacy skills.

As such, we may sack all teachers and sell school land for residential development, resulting in savings of billions to the national exchequer.

Dr John Kearns,
Dublin 6W.

Bishop Cullinan, yoga and Zen (Irish Times letters page)

Catholic bishop warns against yoga and mindfulness in schools (Darren Skelton, The Irish Times)