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Saturday morning.

Sandymount Strand, Dublin 4

Localisation writes:

Good to see Yogis in action on the sewage-closed beach this weekend. But how can they ‘bear’ the smell?

On a more positive note, for once an appropriate smell arrives in time to augment the #Bloomsday hell the rest of us endure.

Joyce would surely have approved of the stink. The “fine tang of faintly scented urine” completes the user experience for the rest of the day.

Previously: “Five-Hundred Yards Of Sh*t-Smelling Foulness I Can’t Even Imagine, Or Maybe I Just Don’t Want To.”

Enjoy yoga?

Are you pro-choice?

Free this Saturday?

Read on.

Aisling Twomey writes:

11 women a day travel from Ireland to the UK to access termination services because the 8th amendment renders abortion unconstitutional in Ireland.

That’s 11 women who have to pay for tickets for ferries or planes, as well as the hefty cost of food, internal transport and possibly hotels. It’s a fortune, especially for someone who doesn’t have it.

This is one yoga class held to help those women. You don’t have to be a gymnast (you don’t even have to touch your toes)- this is about getting bums on mats to help women who have been abandoned by the Irish state.

Tickets are £12. All proceeds go directly to the Abortion Support Network, a charity which helps woman cover the cost of travel when travelling to access an abortion.

Yoga for Choice at The Tram Depot, 38 Upper Clapton Road , E5 8BQ on Saturday (August 19) at 10am.

Yoga For Choice 

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Yogaart writes:

Every saturday at 11am we at Yoga Hub [Camden Street, Dublin] run Yoga in the Park [in Phoenix Park, Dublin] for various charities in Dublin and also we do that events that are a little bit different – Write down an act of kindness that you promise to do this week and hand it to your teacher as an exchange for your Yoga class at the end of your class. Above are just some of the notes. And here‘s a video from one of the charity classes in aid of the homeless….

More notes here

Yoga Hub (Facebook)