Empty Rooms Can Be So Loud


Numbers 44/45 O’Connell Street, Dublin 1

This morning.

Ninety-eight properties managed by the Office of Public Works are sitting vacant around the country, reveals Ken Foxe, at Noteworthy:

These include several important historic properties – including two adjoining period houses on O’Connell Street in Dublin – that are being allowed to fall into disrepair.

Nearly two-thirds of the vacant properties are former garda stations, most of which were deemed surplus to requirements by the gardaí late last year.

A single rented property is also vacant, but the government is set to escape from its €112,500-a-year lease for that building on Dublin’s Clare Street in January 2020.

…Seven former coastguard cottages in Crosshaven are also empty and are currently “being prepared for disposal” , the Office of Public Works said.

…According to official records, four of the properties have not been used since “pre-1983″.

Nearly 100 State buildings managed by Office of Public Works lying idle around the country (Ken Foxe, Noteworthy)

See here for full list of vacant properties and for length of time they’ve been vacant

Pic: GoogleMaps

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14 thoughts on “Empty Rooms Can Be So Loud

  1. Cian

    I wonder will the recent announcement from AGS that they are revamping the force result in reopened stations?

  2. V

    Then there was the great Dept of Defense sell off of former Barracks and Army housing

    Sell off
    Not repurposed for the common good
    Or transferred to Dept of Environment/ Housing/ Local Authorities or Dept of Health/ HS Tusla
    Or Education


    1. Rob_G

      … and then the money resulting from the sales is used for the common good*

      *in theory

      There is only so much office space required by govt depts; what was the Dept of Environment going to do with Clancy Barracks? Instead, they were sold off to a developer who built loads of houses where many families are now living.

      More housing for families, some cash for central government – that sounds pretty ‘common good’ to me.

      1. V


        But it was also a value for money opportunity to transfer the lands into assisted living, LA housing, etc

    1. Bort

      I can’t believe that’s closed. o’Connell St at night terrifies me, how is it alway extra dark?

  3. eoin

    It would be shocking if the Occupy people were to let themselves in, just to highlight the lack of accommodation as the new uni term starts. Shocking.

    1. Optimus Grime

      It most definitely is but I would say the oul transfer to the county council is in play here

  4. Bort

    Well if you know a bit about the law you can wangle yourself a free set of coastguard cottages like yer man in Mayo

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