Pants On Fire


Yesterday afternoon

Last night.

The Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro (above) calls out French President Emmanuel Macron (top) for using a stock picture of a rainforest fire taken before 2003. Mr Bolsonora has accused environmental groups of setting the fires in the Amazon.

Amazon fires turn political as Brazil’s president calls out France’s Macron (Fox)

The Amazon in Brazil is on fire – how bad is it? (BBC)


This lunchtime.

A protest over the fires is taking place at the embassy of Brazil at the Harcourt Centre on Charlotte Way, Dublin 2.

Pics: Cllr Darragh Butler and Martin J Gilbert

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5 thoughts on “Pants On Fire

  1. ivan

    If Mr Bolsonora hasn’t offered any evidence to back up his assertion, is his accusation worthy of reporting?

    1. Commenter #1

      You don’t understand: Macron tweeted a stock photo of trees burning in response to an environmental catastrophe, which means that the “climate change panic” is invented out of whole cloth and just a way to institute a Global Carbon Tax by the World Government.

      I think that’s the line around here anyway.

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